Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Untold Truth That You Must Know About PENANG!!

Below are some facts that I took from the tweets tweeted by MP Kota Belud who revealed some of the AG-report about Penang.

#AGreport: Penang state debts:2006 (RM442m),2007 (497m),2008 (625m),2009 (684m),2010 (688m) <----Increase or decrease??

Bajet #BN 2012 defisit 4.7%, Bajet #DAP Penang 2012 defisit 31%

#AGreport: HutanLipur TelukBahang, Penang, exhibition centre, built for RM1.55m was initially abandoned &unused. Now used 4other purposes.

#AGreport: Penang incurred RM280k in interest penalty for delay payment of land compensation for 2nd Bridge & RM135k for Mengkuang Dam.

#AGreport: UTSB wholly owned company of MAIN PPinang reported profit/loss 2007 (+RM192k), 2008 (-RM230k), 2009 (-RM323k)

#AGreport: Penang mistakenly overpaid 37 state officers amounting to RM109,170. Also underpaid 13 officers (RM13.5k).

#AGreport: Penang went ahead to set up Zon Industri Akuakultur (ZIA) against state Forestry Dept objection, warning of contamination

‎#AGreport: Fed govt gave RM868k to Penang for replanting mangrove (paya laut) trees. Only 24.5% of trees still alive. 75.5% dead.

‎#AGreport: Pemantauan Majlis Perbandaran PPinang terhadap kerja2 naiktaraf dlm Projek Ransangan Ekonomi kurang memuaskan. Berlaku kecacatan.

‎#AGreport is not satisfied with Penang's Road Maintainance Records which were not prepared &updated

#AGreport on Penang: Jalan Raja Uda was widened to accomodate more cars but could not be used because extra space illegally used as parking.

‎#AGreport: Penang didn't approve RM1m to upgrade &maintain Jln Permatang Rawa eventhough Audit found 18 potholes and endangering users.

‎#AGreport: 2008-2010, Penang govt approved only 16.8% of allocations needed to upgrade and maintain roads citing not completely justified.

‎#AGreport: Tahun 2010, Penang gagal kutip 67.4% hasil di PDTSPT dan PDTBDB ..

‎#AGreport: Pencapaian Perbelanjaan Pembangunan RMK9 PPinang (2006-2010) hanya 77.8%

‎#AGreport: Penang spent 18% less on low cost housing in 2010 compared to 2009.
Penang in better hand who handle the state efficiently?



  1. brush up on your english la bro..

  2. As i wrote up there, all these information taken from tweets tweeted by MP Kota Belud . With due respect, i have to keep the tweets 'untact' .. as long as the information reaches you, I am fine.. Thanks anyway

  3. Good work bro....nothing to worry bout your English....I do understand all your points, so do the other viewers I think....
    Keep it up bro...
    Together we slap this cheaters in Penang