Thursday, June 2, 2011

1M Email : Five Reasons of mine!!

 My brother just received an offer letter to pursue his A-level studies at Bukit Jalil Sports School. For readers information,BJSS is the first sports school in Malaysia. The school is located at the National Sports Complex compound in Bukit JalilKuala LumpurBJSS was opened in 1996 and the pioneers were only Form One and Form Four students. Now it open for A-level also known as Pra-Universiti . 

He received the offer letter together with few forms. Below are the photos of it :

And now ,check out how much does it cost the government to sent all this forms to our door :

its RM2.20 for this ??? per person?? and it was sent on 27th May 2011..and we received it on 30th May 2011....!!

Let say we replace this with 1 Malaysia email system....what are the advantages :
1) The government will only pay RM0.50 per email which means RM1.50 of taxpayers money SAVED!!!! 
2) Its even faster....e.g if sent on 27th May 2011 at 3.00pm, we will be receiving it by 3.05pm on that same day!
3) The delivery is much more secured!!
4)Save paper (the 'buku panduan' is for reading only! there is no necessary for it to be printed)
5) U can receive/read the letter anytime,anywhere!!

Isn't that cool?? Isn't that good??? isn't that better and cost effective??
Look at both side of a coin..not only one!!
And remember, I am only talking about school offer letter which sent to 100over students every year.. how about other government related letters ?? How much can be saved?? A LOOOOTTT!!!!



  1. all the forms above need to be converted into an online form, meaning apply/register/semak etc all done online via a system. for that, you don't need 1malaysia email. just look at upu application as example.

    the above comparison is not suitable, IMHO.

  2. I am talking about the cost effectiveness and also security of the item sent! Which is far better than mail system.. Forms need to be sent (hardcopy) to MOE.. so if forms sent via email,it can be printed .. The applicant can sent the forms via mail at lower cost(certainly cheaper than RM2.20) So at the end of the day, one party(government) manage to save some amount of money!

    Just think :
    An offer letter(not forms) cost the government RM2.20(just offer letter with reference book)..if its sent via email ,its free!!

  3. Anyway,thanks for sharing your thoughts..well appreciated!