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Sunday, March 9, 2014

BREAKING : Is this the #MH370 that we are looking for?

Found on Google Map. Go to Google Map and type  8.695133,
106.590416 . Make sure you switch your Google Map to Earth mode. This is what you will find.

This image taken from Google Map. In an island ,southern Vietnam. Can it be MH370 that we all are looking for? Please share this article and get the relevant authority to check on this. I am not sure about this but can it be just a coincident?

::update 3.10am ::

Was informed by a friend that  is just a coincident since Google Maps doesn't update their map daily. Just one of the plane was there when the satellite took image.
::update 3.43am ::
The image believe to be old. Captured 3 years ago. It was just another coincident. Lets continue to pray for MH370