Saturday, August 3, 2013

Reactive Indians , Proactive Chinese and Insensitive Malays

If you are not stereotype , kindly leave this page now without further scrolling down. It is not meant for you. And yeah, if you are devoid to jest and sarcasm ,also please close this browser's window.Thanks

50 over years gone, we Malaysians still talking about 'Unity' . Well, it does not mean we have failed to unite Malaysians. NO. In fact, many of us are united regardless of what happen when it comes to

  • Nasi Lemak
  • Roti Canai
  • Teh Tarik
  • Lee Chong Wei
  • Suzuki FA Cup
Sadly, we are still 'divided' when it comes to issues related to our races receptively. We keep failing to see the issue as 'our issue' instead leaving it aside for the particular race to fight over it. This is when some party try to politicize that issue for their own benefits. End of the day, we all will be 'caught' in their trap and dance to their tune.

Indians, generally we are sensitive and full of emotions. Not sure if its due to movies or curries, we often being reactive to everything that we seems to see as downgrading our community/race. My observations are as per below :

(i)Interlok Novel
(ii) SK Pristina Issue
(iii)Matriculation / Varsity Intake

If you observe closely these issues , the Chinese NGOs/community leaders ,majority of them chose to be silent over it. I find that their are being proactive . Why I said so?


Indian raged over the novel saying it has insulted us by labeling us as 'pariah'. Yes. Correct. It is an insult but the very same book had also said 'The Chinese sells their daughters for money' .

Click here (source)
  There was no Chinese NGO formed against this novel but we formed 'NIAT' which was championed by Opposition leaders . They did not hold any demonstrations in front Parliament like we did . It was solely Indians problem? The Chinese chose silence as their option because they know some how Indians will react over it. They know we are emotional , dont they?

SK Pristana

We claim that Non-Muslim students were discriminated. We saw how 100 over people gathered infront of the school and protested demanding the HM to be taken action. To my surprise it was also Indians who gathered there. 

Remember there were also Chinese students studying there. But no NGO / Political wings of Chinese origin demonstrated ? Why? Or may be Chinese dont mind eating in place other than canteen ? As 
usual Oppositons (Indians in PKR) politicized it . Even in this case , we were reactive...Chinese were proactive..

Matriculation/ Varsity Intake 

To cut it short , only we Indians demonstrated in front Ministry Of Education and keep harping on it daily. While the Chinese care less about it. Some leaders talk, others just could not be bothered.

I am not saying its wrong to fight for over rights.. But to do it bindly is not the right way. We often fall into the trap of some party who tries to politicize everything ,anything...

Lets be less emotional and more rational
Lets be less reactive and more proactive

without losing our dignity and pride as Malaysian born Indians.......

You might ask 'Then what about the Malays?'

Well, if some Malays are more sensitive about other races sensitivity , I guess we could have stop many issues as well. Hahaha..

'Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara'




  1. You killed it mayn! Nice. you made me laugh ha ha ha

  2. Good piece by you bro. TQ

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  5. a good msg to all the emotional Yegabaram out there...!!! come out and do it the right way guys.