Thursday, October 24, 2013

Why @skdevamany Deserve 'Dato Seri' title ...

Honorific titles are nothing but recognitions to someone who had contributed to the community and country. I  have to agree that we have many 'Tan Sris ,Dato Sris,Datuk,Dato (and ect)' titles obtained using money and power but we should never ignore those who really deserve it.

Its a boost for them to perform better.

Today YB Speaker of Perak will be conferred SSAP title by Tuanku Sultan Pahang which carries 'Datuk Seri' title.

I have served the Ex-Deputy Minister for a year and I know how hard this Vice President of MIC works. His days normally starts around 7 am and ends late night. Working with him was never an easy job as this ex-teacher is keen in helping his constituents. 

For some who had questioned what was his contribution , here are some facts I would like to share with all of you.

These projects were brought down by Datuk Seri S.K Devamany when he was the MP for Cameron Highlands for the second term (2008-2013). These projects are only 30% of his contributions to the constituents of Cameron Highlands who had trusted him and I have not spoken about his contribution from 2004-2008 =) also other mini-projects that had been done for the people in CH from 2008-2013.

Tell me , which MIC Minister (put Dato Seri Utama Samy Vellu aside) had contributed this much , RM156.9 million , to their constituency in just 4 years being in power ? Anyone?

Accepted by People

Datuk Seri S.K Devamany won GE11 with majority of 2+++  in 2004 then continue his success story with 4+++ votes of majority in 2008. He was well accepted in Cameron Highlands and gain respect even from the Sultan for his due effort in making Cameron Highland a better place for all.

So if there is anyone want to question his contribution , let me ask you..

Show me someone who have done better in their constituency from MIC?

Why Sultan Pahang is conferring 'Datuk Seri' title to YB Speaker from Perak? IT ANSWERS.
Form is temporary ,Class  is permanent.

'Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara'




  1. He deserve it bro. Highlanders know his contributions!. We miss him

  2. Betul bro. Tapi kesian Palani mau bunuh SK. Haramjadah punya palani