Thursday, July 25, 2013

An Email from a Stranger - Canteen In Changing Room

I have been getting many emails/comments/messages applauding my effort to defend the school. Well , let me repeat it was done not to defend the school. NO.

Like rest of you out there ,  I am upset with the poor decision made by the school. But again, what is the reason behind it? What is the thing that made other parents of 1300 students silent about it? I am skeptical . I found out some facts which I wrote yesterday here 

The post of mine which went viral with 100,000 views in a day was not meant to justify what the HM has done but to share some points and angles that many of us failed to see. I wanted to stress out that it is NOT about racial! I am tired and sick of people who always want to see the issue from this angle. 

Out of hundreds of emails, there is one particular email that really amused me which I would like to share with all of you. The purpose of me sharing this email is not to downgrade or make fun of the person but as another enlightenment on how reactive people can be rather than being proactive.

Note : My reply to the person ( in red)

-          Don’t try to protect the man who disgrace our race.
Even Malay student ate there..its not racial..dont be so naive madam.
-          You also the victim and same race with victimise children.
Yes. BUt sometimes we have to be rational. I have visited the school

-          You’re skin also black.
But I have bright mind
-          You’re blood also must boiled.
Thats why I went up to the school. Otherwise I will sit and comment infront of PC

-          After so much we did the develop this country, they disgrace our us.
Sigh. You failed to understand the situation

-          You’re doing bad thing to our race by protecting this educated illiterate man.
I am not protecting the HM. I m sharing things that you all failed to see. 

-          Can you imagine what’ll happen, if the children are Malays’?
Someone would have made it big fuss like you guys doing now
-          Surely you cannot leave the school compound.

-          Let the HM protect himself and his wrong doing and lie what so ever.
You have not met the HM, so lets not be prejudice 

-          The HM must be punish for his wrong doing.
I feel he deserve a warning letter

-          He already Breach the Trust parents put on him.
But the parents failed to attend PIBG meetings

-          The EDU MIS must move toward him.
They have approached him .

-          He maybe can escape this incident, maybe because people like you still around.
People like m are still a round to educate people like you and we keep failing miserably .
We will try again..and again.. keep us encouraged 

Pls. don’t reply this mail.
 I have already did =) , Next time right it on top.

You are most welcome Madam

Then I realised that the sender is a man. Hahahaha... Enough is enough. This got nothing racial.. Its poor management by the school.

Anyway, I would like to thank YB Kamalanthan for handling this issue brilliantly and effectively. Its surely a big challenge to be in this Ministry with this kind of people(the email sender) around. haha
Wish you luck sir.

p/s : Send your children to Tamil schools. 

''Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara'




  1. Hahahahaha i like the language bro

  2. Hahahaha..... such a narrow minded people (the email sender)

  3. Bravo... we want more people like you in the country makan!

  4. Exactly, there is nothing racial. This is primary school. Nothing to do with colour laar. In primary, standard 1 and 2 kids also don puasa. So its humanitarian. Not racial. Just cos in the picture got indian kids, alone blood shudnt boil. Jas cos behave such away, why shud we. Be better then them. No matter how badly you are being treated. Treat the other races right way. They are all children. In my eyes, I don see colour. I see innocent children being treated unfair. TQ.

  5. You make sense than other UMporNO bloggers..keep it up

  6. Good writing.. never know about your blog until yesterday.. *bookmarked* hehe

  7. Opposition are being desperate now. trying to politicise everything. now PKR is trying to make it racial. Sad. very sad to see my Malaysia. Anyway *thumbs up* to you for revealing the truth

  8. Baguih punya jawapan...kah kah kah.. mantap raah!

  9. Found article about you. You are making headlines..Awesome bro Keep up the good work

  10. need your help to investigate this issue.

    Things getting worse.

  11. Sya, i need your help to investigate this issue.

    Things getting worse.

  12. I am malay, and i am fire fighter if am racist I will rescue india and chinese in any incident but I always see red coloured blood first then when am writing my report only I bother to check their race. But well said mr ram, keep it up. Need more malaysian like u.

  13. Nice job.. some of these people need to be educate from A to Z.

  14. You're Indian version of Rafizi . Good job

  15. Mantap pendedahan ko . Bagi yang buta , ini satu tamparan hebat. thanks broo

  16. Are you from MIC??Anyway, good write up.

  17. Alangkah hebat jika kita bertindak berlandaskan akal bukan nafsu jahat semata-mata..

  18. I think you are going to get more hate mails. Brace yourself for more.

  19. Hi Raam, good n brave, i should say 2 u. And revealed so many things. But i felt v sad of some commenters that it's okay to eat anywhere. Some says tepi longkang pun takpe n kat china duduk atas mangkuk tandaslah.....its not right to say that. Cleanliness is v important. pls. ..people out's still not okay to eat anywhr as some people mentioned. Think b4 we speak or act.....