Thursday, September 22, 2011

More Open-House Organized, More DCM II Earns..

Is Penang DAP running insufficient of fund to run functions? Or people’s money 'robbed' for own benefits?

This is what the writer wondered when came across this particular story of Prof Ramasamy. Recently , the Deputy Chief Minister II held a Hari Raya open house at Seberang Perai. This function attended by estimation of 1000 people ONLY.. it is funny to know that only 1000 people came for the event when Seberang Perai has more than 10,000 registered voters there. Well , that is not what the writer going to reveal now. We have a bigger issue to see.

One of DCM’s aide selling DAP monthly newspaper to the attendee..

The newspaper sold for RM1.00 which comes in two language ,Malay(Roket) and English(Rocket).

My question is

WHY DAP is so desperate in making use of the 1000 crowd ?
I thought they were sincere in organizing open houses?

One of the writer’s friend (name not to be revealed upon request) who is a close ally of Prof. Rama manage to get a copy of Rocket for YIM blog for revelation.

Something to ponder :

This paper is produced for MEMBERS ONLY.. Which means selling the paper to the public for RM1.00 is absolutely WRONG!!!
He have to answer this….

How much money did Ramasamy and his cronies swindle from this function?
Did he get permission before handing out to the public?
Where does the money goes?


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  1. Same with Harakah bro.. they claimed that newspaper were only meant to be published for PAS registered member's.. yet still, it is widely circulated among the suburb areas, IPTA's, coffee shop and almost all malay majority housing areas and kampung's across the peninsular.

    Somehow this pakatan zombies have taking into desperate measure's to get income by selling their propaganda's to the masses.