Friday, August 16, 2013

DCM II of Penang @proframa CHEATED a Youth NGO? #janjidicapati

Politicians are great actors/actresses. They are also chameleons by default. We have seen many of them in Barisan Nasional. Well, many of PR leaders are not exceptional. Back in 2009 , my friends and I had same experience from a DAP politician . Well, at that time I have not thought of making it a big issue but looking at it happening again, I feel this hypocrisy should be brought forward for everyone's attention.

I have wrote how dissatisfied DAP Indians are with Prof Rama with a letter of proof (here) . Now I have another story to share. This story might conclude all together what kind of leader the mentioned professor is.

This is the story as as per claim of a facebooker , Edwin MC. I saw this post while I was scrolling my timeline  :

Points to be noted : REJECTED initial AGREED sponsorship of RM5,000.00 for Science Fair for Young Children,  Penang Zone 2013 TWO MONTHS after the event. 

Proof : 

"It is ethically wrong to support financially a programme to which we are not welcomed" noted from Deputy Chief Minister II office.

The victim of this cheap act says DCM office pull back last minute after almost 2 months of program where left them in debt with the suppliers worth of RM5000.00.

Isnt it 
unethical for DCM to behave in such a manner just because the organizer have invited other guess? And yeah..since when it is wrong to support a program that you are not welcomed? Isnt it a cheap to break your promise Mr.DCM?

Shamelessly , DCM office has posted this news in Buletin Mutiara (as usual) to gain cheap publicity.

Take a look at Paragraph 2 , line no 6 

With no dignity they(State Gov) have claimed that sum of RM5,000 given to this program. This is not unethical Mr.DCM?

You broke your promise , you made them run after you, you made the supplier chase these poor organizer who want to do this program for noble cause? 

Who is unethical , Mr.DCM??

Something to think,




  1. Shame on your Ramasamy!!! cheap fellar...

  2. cheap politician like him must be rejected. He must apologize to us

  3. WTF?? Proffesor Ramasamy? sigh. This is bad prof =(

  4. Profesor Penipu Ramasamy...!

  5. A good leader will go anywhere even in places where he is not wanted and leave the places with people wanting more of him . Anyone with confidence and optimistic will be able to attract attention to himself anywhere he goes . There is no such thing as ethically wrong to support a good program just because you are not welcome . This is sign of being selfish . Good program means it benefits the people and by all means must receive all support irrespective of whether it benefits you or not .

  6. Pls check todays 18 Aug,Nanban front page news for more news on this joker. He is a shame to indians, DAP and the Penang state goverment.

  7. Shame on you mr dcm

  8. The signature was not even Prof Rama's signature.

    1. ''noted from Deputy Chief Minister II office, Dr. Anbalakan..." u blind? its stated clearly above la..