Saturday, August 31, 2013

Divided Malaysians , Undivided Patriotism #saysomethingnice

In an interview with media , the Major General of Indian Army was asked this “Where is the strength of your army ?  Is it your modernized weapons or the number of the soldiers? The MG replied “ It’s the patriotism in every of our soldier's heart . It’s the real strength of Indian Army”


School students think about it on Mondays.

Anti establishment group thinks about when they go for rallies.

Government think it is when they citizen obey them

Parents think about it on 8th month of English calendar.

NO matter what is your understanding about it, I believe all of us are patriotic in some ways, somehow.

Politics aside - we have shown our unity every time Malaysia FA plays. We have screamed our heart out every time Datuk Lee Chong Wei picks his racket . That is the time the aura of patriotism flows in every citizen let it be young or old , man or woman , BN or PR.

Somewhere in last year , I went to watch our boys playing against Thailand at Bukit Jalil Stadium. Beside me  there was a stranger, a middle aged man . Well , there were many of them around me too , haha. But this particular ‘joe’ was looking very arrogant and cold. The match kicked off and we start cheering for the same team , Malaysia. The moment our boys netted the first goal, everyone including me start jumping in joy. I got a surprise hugging from the very same stranger I mentioned just now. Who is he? I don’t know. Well, I am not a gay but I welcomed the hug, brotherly. The moment we shared together as Malaysian.

Since then I have start seeing everyone regardless of who they are as another ‘joe’ .

Talking about politics now , aren’t all of us let it be BN or PR want a better nation? Arent there a ‘joe’ in all of us? We argue much, criticize and fight...for our motherland ,dont we?

We sing the same anthem , we share the same country .. Let share the love for the country together. To whoever you are , if you are reading this article my sincere Merdeka wishes to you. Kindly leave your comment at below comment box.

Malaysiaku Berdaulat. Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku

Lets #saysomethingnice .

Sincerely ,




  1. Salam Merdeka bro! Hidup!

  2. Thank you for sharing Raam. Happy Merdeka to you too :D

  3. Football unites Malaysians. Salam Kemerdekaan kepada Tuan Admin

  4. Merdeka....merdeka..

  5. Unity is our strength. Merdeka!

  6. I love the Indian army interview... touching