Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Who found Anwar is a homosexual first? Was it DAP or UMNO?

 Way back on 18th December 1997, Karpal Singh who is now Anwar Ibrahim’s defence counsel had first raised the matter in Parliament (9th Parliament, Third Session, Third Mesyuarat) about a homosexual relationship between Anwar Ibrahim and Azizan Abu Bakar. Yes folks it was Karpal Singh who made the allegations pertaining to Anwar Ibrahim and homosexuality from inside Parliament.
According to the Hansard, Karpal Singh has requested in Parliament that Azizan Abu Bakar be brought inside Parliament to explain to the Members of Parliament about the accusations of alleged homosexual relations between him and Anwar Ibrahim !!!

To my knowledge only the elected representatives or YBs are allowed to speak in Parliament. You have to be a YB to be able to address Parliament. So Karpal Singh wanted Azizan Abu Bakar to be a YB.
And now Karpal is defending Anwar Ibrahim as his defence councel .
Speaking to another YB recently, a lawyer too who had an interesting observation to make about the DAP and to an extent the PAS. By the mid 1990s and even unto 1999 both the DAP and PAS were pretty much out of breath and out of ideas to swing the voters.
Then Anwar was sacked from UMNO. It appeared like money sent down from the heavens for the DAP and PAS or like striking a lottery. Hoisting Anwar upon their shoulders gave the DAP and PAS a new lease on life, something they have been riding upon until today.
When Anwar was jailed the PAS and DAP not only picked up a lot of votes from Anwar sympathizers but PAS was also able to collect more money and derma ikhlas from their ceramahs than at any other time in their history.
The DAP and PAS will benefit tremendously if Anwar is jailed. They will go after the sympathisers votes again. In such event, this is where the old fashioned "tin biskut" will come to play. The PAS will be getting a lot of these tin biskut to be used as donation boxes for the next “Free Anwar Campaign”, “Tabung Menyelamatkan Anwar” etc.

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  1. this a good reminder to all. do not say bad thing to your enemy cos nobody know one of these days the same enemy might turn into one of your sparing partner. when that happens, extra effort is needed to remove the bad name given to your newly found sparing partner when by right that effort is more useful for developing the potential between you and your sparing partner.