Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Indians not respected in DAP, Indian leader worried..

Before this writer has revealed on how Indians being treated in DAP (click here) ,No importance given to Tamil (click here) and how Indians being used for own political mileage  (click here),now writer going to share what YB DAP,Manoharan Malayalam twitted just now. Its all about how he was treated in DAP Selangor! He was ignored by DAP Selangor by not inviting him for fund raising dinner!

The reason why YB Mano was treated like this is because of his boldness in defending Indians rights! He was kept pressured by 'upper' leaders who dislike him helping Indians a lot..but my question is..is it wrong?

YB Mano facing hard time defending Indians rights in DAP!

Prove on how DAP sidelined Indians..

YB Mano gave 10,000 to single Tamil school..guess how much pressure he faced?

YB Mano was not even invited for meeting which was held in Ipoh! Prove why I say it not the first time he was alienated!

Selangor Government, Pakatan Rakyat is where YB Mano belongs to..but today he have to fight hard to state 'Welcome to Little India'..His request was not entertained for THREE years!!!

DAP is for all?? Think again!! If an Indian YB facing this..what will you face then??



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