Friday, August 12, 2011

MIC,never cared about Indians?

That is a common thing we hear from all Anti-Barisan/Anti MIC supporters since those days..well the actual thing is, many of us dont know what are the achievements of MIC so far. It is because many leaders of MIC never tried to be populist by spreading that information of what MIC have done so the same time many of US could not be bothered to find out as well!

Today as I was in KL , I saw this overhead bridge . To my surprise, this bridge can move vertically.

Believe me or not, this is my first time seeing this bridge.. as there is none in Penang!!

 The need of this bridge to be build here is at high as this road (Jalan Ipoh) is one of the busiest road in KL. At the same time this road also used for Chariot procession from Ipoh Road Murugan Temple. Therefore building a 'fix' bridge might cause inconvenience to Hindu devotees as the chariot unable to pass by the road.  At the same time,overhead bridges need to follow safety precautions by not building it taller than certain height.

Therefore, former Work Minister Datuk Seri Samy Vellu (Minister at the time) suggested this type of bridge which  can solve the problem. Few more bridges also built  along the procession route.

Isnt it an effort by MIC Minister(also President at that moment) to help Indians? How many of you know this? There are many other things have been done by MIC for Indians.

So stop asking what MIC has done for you! but ask yourself what you have done for MIC(Indian community)




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