Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Go back to Indonesia ...

Barely a week after the headmaster of SK Seri Pristana in Sungai Buloh came under fire for instructing his  students to have their recess meals in a changing room, last Monday a secondary school principal has allegedly raised racial tension.

This time it is alleged that the headmistress told non-Malay students to go back to India or China.
The principal of SM Alam Megah in Section 27 Shah Alam had apparently told noisy non-Malay students to go back to their native land during the school assembly last Monday. (source)

This is the story the media told us.

What I was told by a friend's brother who is studying there :

  • The teacher did utter such statement but her remarks was not quoted fully neither by the parents nor media.
  • It was on a fine beautiful Monday. School assembly was going on .

  • When national anthem was going on, the students show no sign of respect to the song but was talking and making noise.
  • the HM who got pissed with this said (something similar) to this angrily  " Kamu semua kalau tak reti nak hormat lagu kebangsaan , Melayu balik Indonesia..India balik India dan Cina balik Cina'
This is what the other side of story  :

Contradict to what media has portrait 

Now its my side of story :

  1. The HM was triggered by anger due to the disrespectful act by the pupils .
  2. Anger cause murders...anger cause racial tenses.
  3. Even though it was a stereotype , in my humble opinion it doesnt reason a HM to say that.
  4. Such remarks shouldn't be used against anyone in this country. We all are Malaysians, arent we?
  5. Some politicians like YB Wee Ka Siong started to jump the gun by accusing educators of fueling the fires of racial bigotry in the country. ' Kerana setitik Nila, rosak sebelanga Susu' ?
  6. KPM should investigate this issue tactfully 
So now, you decide.. What is right...what is wrong.. remember , there are always three sides of a story.. Yours, theirs...and the TRUTH..

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  1. Thank you for the write up. Bright

  2. Truth always prevail

  3. HM tu adalah mangsa keributan perkauman sejak PRU13...

    Kita kena ambil tindakan tegas kepada mana2 pempin parti politik yg suka mempolitikkan isu2 perkauman..tegas setegas2nya.

  4. melayu balik indon, cina balik china,india balik india, HM letak jawatan balik rumah!

  5. Good piece by you. I m following your blog. keep writing

  6. Dont trust anytime without proper investigation . Thanks for the enlightenment Danny

  7. people nowadays are prejudice

  8. sometimes i wonder who gets up to more mischief - the people or the media??? thanks for letting us know :)

  9. As a HM , I feel she should not utter such words as melayu balik indon and etc. Instead should have stressed on how hard our fore-fathers fought for our country till the formation of Malayan Union and subsequently Malaysia.