Sunday, July 28, 2013

Jaspal - Just For Poll

Disclaimer : This is a personal blogpost. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not anyone else.

With poor result in GE13 , MIC is now struggling to win over more Indians' hearts in GE14. Prior to that, MIC leaders have to win party seats. As we are heading towards MIC poll in two months time , many drama(s) can be seen along the path to the Day.

Some unpopular MIC leaders who has been really vocal lately on Matriculation issues ,University intakes , MIC’s debt-ridden investment arm, Maika Holdings and yeah, most recent on Bathroom Canteen issue.

YB Senator Jaspal Singh, is the man I am talking about. Who is he? I am not surprised if many of your dont know him. But again, who is he?

Jaspal sworn in as Senator on Nov 3 2011 and still serving as one till today ( 28 July 2013). Some party members claimed that they have not seen him speaking out any Indian issues so far until MIC poll's date was announced.

Now the YB Senator who is also the treasurer-general of MIC has been making more statements in media than the President of MIC himself. 

Matriculation Issue...

Jaspal shows his bravery by taking first step 'attacking' the Ministry of Education for above subject which most of us are aware of. My question is, where were you YB Senator when the Indians needed you all these while? You sworn in as Senator in 2011 ,kept mum for two years and only now voicing it out? This issue has been like haze... It arises every year...

To cut it short , lets take a look at YB Senators statements in FB. He uses Note application in Facebook to reach his followers and below is the screenshot of his entire note upload so far.

Jaspal's last post on Note was about him in Prashanthi Nilayam , India which he uploaded on 16 July 2011. After exactly 2 years(15 July 2013) , he continued to upload his writings in Facebook. Missing for two years YB Senator? Where have you been? London?

Now that we can see him coming more often in media for many issues.

27 July 2013

Only now? Why didnot question when Datuk Seri Samy was around?

So , where is this heading to? Definitely to Party Poll .. But then for which position is he eyeing for? God knows..

Just a sincere request to YB Senator : MIC need leaders who speak up all the time not only  when party election is nearing. Anyway, let wait and see the action. More drama on the way.

 For now, chakdee paatheeey!!

''Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara'




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