Tuesday, May 1, 2012

[video] SMM Mengaku merempuh Polis!

SMM sendiri mengaku pendemo Bersih merempuh halangan Polis ? nak berdolah dalih lagi ke?? Ini video apa pula ??





  1. Nice entry but try to be more independentlah bro. I see most of ur post is more to pro-BN. As you said in your profile that you say no to corruption and so on. Maybe you should post about the submarine case and PDRM beating the joirnalist and reporters. Just a view from a macha

  2. Macha, thanks for you feedback... I only write based on what I think is right... I dont support any sort of corruption.. Submarine? its available in many other blogs that its a accusation by opposition..feel free to read the other side of the coins too... : http://theunspinners.blogspot.com/2011/05/fitnah-baru-pakatan-1-pembelian.html

    Police brutality ? Macha, if the protesters didnt breached police would hv behaved well.. so berani buat berani tanggung... =) I am not supporting any sort of violence here but read this : http://www.rbfonline.net/2012/04/demo-haramlangkah-polis-sebelum-sebelum.html

    Thank you..keep reading =)