Wednesday, February 29, 2012

GEMPAR!! Kilang 'rare earth' di Selangor?

?Aneh tapi Benar! Itulah yang penulis dapat ungkapkan selepas melihat pembongkaran blogger rakan seperjuangan Apanama dalam artikel terbaru beliau.

Shin-Etsu (M) Sdn.Bhd, kilang yang menghasilkan magnet 'rare earth' beroperasi di Kawasan Perindustrian Hicom ,Selangor.

Penulis pasti pendedahan akan membuat semua tertanya-tanya sama ada kilang ini kan ditutup oleh Kerajaan PKR Selangor ? INGAT!! Ketua Umum , Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim berjanji akan menutup Kilang Lynas jika Pakatan ambil alih Kerajaan kononnya 'Rare Earth' sangat membahayakan!! (25 Fakta Mengenai Lynas Yang Anda Patut Tahu! <------klik disini )

Pusat. Jadi ini macam mana? Berani? Kita tunggu dan lihat sama ada Anwar berpegang pada kata-kata beliau atau cerita serupa Kampung Buah Pala ? Macam mana pula dengan Ah Beng ni?

Sudah tentu Lim Guan Eng yang cintakan 'kehijauan' akan berarah kilang itu untuk ditutup bukan?

Polisi atau Hipokrisi?

Kita tunggu dan lihat!!

sumber :

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  1. bapak mengarot.. mane buktinye ni kilang milik LGE.. post sekadar nak kasi pening kepale org baik ditutup.. stakat tulis tajuk mcm metro baik xpayah derr..

    1. Itu sahaja hujah Kuman gemok? apa pandangan mengenai syarikat di Selangor ini? berani untuk ditutup?

    2. biasala mentaliti PR..xboleh terima kenyataan....!sok lusa mesti dislahkan BN...itu ajer argument yg boleh dibuat...

  2. Kenapa pembangkang senyapkan diri tentang perkara ini? Lancarkan satu lagi kempen, STOP ShinEtsu! Kalau rare earth bahaya, rare earth magnet takkan tak sama?

  3. Cheif,

    Rare earth refining produces radioactive waste..rare earth magnets that ShinEtsu produces are not radioactive.There is a huge difference there.

    From what I know, ShinEtsu's magnets are neodymium, which is definitely non radioactive.

    If I'm not mistaken, you are an engineering graduate, maybe you should check your source before posting.

    I respect your right to air your views, but this entry is just misleading.

  4. Hi Mr.Nedu, thanks for your comment...

    For you info,

    Source: Los Alamos National Laboratory

    1. Boron: Elemental boron and the borates are not considered to be toxic, and they do not require special care in handling. However, some of the more exotic boron hydrogen compounds are definitely toxic and do require care.

    2. Cobalt: Exposure to cobalt (metal fumes and dust) should be limited to 0.05 mg/m3 (8-hour time-weighted average 40-hour week).

    3. Iron: Iron is a common material that is found in abundant quantities in the environment and in the human body.

    4. Neodymium: Neodymium has a low-to-moderate acute toxic rating. As with other rare earths, neodymium should be handled with care.

    5. Samarium: Little is known of the toxicity of samarium; therefore, it should be handled carefully.

    Dear Mr.Nedu, are you sure materials for rare-earth magnet production are non-toxics? Los Alamos National Labaratory, U.S.A. based on their research and testing proven otherwise.

  5. In order to get the magnet,the processing plant which processes the rare earth element have to crushing and extracting it, while leaving the waste that contains radioactive. Thus the factory in Shah Alam isnot safe as it produce it...

    :) good day to you..

  6. Aiyo, this is a rare earth magnet producing facility. Their raw material is processed rare earth. The Lynas plant is a rare earth processing plant which produce radioactive waste. Big difference there bro

    1. Thank you for your comment.. if it is safe, i prefer MP from PR to justify it..not to be quiet till now =)

  7. Again, you don't answer the question. We are talking about radioactivity. Almost every other industry produces toxic waste.

    Oleo-chems, food, pharma, OG all have toxic by-products. So you are saying close every factory that does the same?

    In Gebeng Lynas, we are arguing about radioactive poisoning that might occur.

  8. Neodymium is normally found it ores such as monozite, which also at time contains may thorium. But the extraction is not normally far away from the mining operation due to cost concerns in moving so much monozite.

    But Shin Etsu does not do the crushing and extracting, as they are not a refining operation.

    In their operation, the covert the refined neodymium into things like ring magnets for hard disks and electric motors.

  9. In Shin Etsu, their raw material that comes to the plant(before it to be made as hard disc) is radioactive… a very simple question, why Selangor Government blamed BN for this matter but not justifying the safety of it? =) if what you claim is true, then someone from PR should reveal this..that Shin Etsu is far none of them done it..wonder if you are better than PR MP Fuziah and others or you are just talking based on google and Wikipedia..?

    Have a nice day =)

  10. Dhanyaraam,

    I didn't once mention anything about politics. What I am saying is that, you are writing based of flawed logics and inconsistent facts.

    I do have quite a number of years experience in O&G and power generation, in which safety is the biggest concern. I assure you that I am very familiar with this subject.

    No, the magnets are not radioactive, they might already be in your hard disk or power tools right now. Your hair should have fallen down, if it was radioactive, assuming from the time you spend on the computer.

    But then again, this is your blog, your opinions. Sorry if I have offended your intellect.

    Thanks for allowing the earlier comments.

  11. Dear Mr.Nedu,

    It was solely my opinion on this matter...if this plant is safe as you claim...someone must stand up and verify it...with facts...i would trust you if you have worked in that company...i respect your assumption..but i really need facts to trust it..

    For me,if Lynas is do this company...otherwise solid proof need to be presented..wikipedia and google doesnt explain what is actually happening in SE..

    That was my logic and I believe i pointed it out well...

    P/s: intellectual comments and those with manner always deserve a place in my blog. Thank you for keeping it that way.. Cheers..

  12. Bro, rare earth itself is not radioactive. It is a few by-products of rare-earth manufacturing that are radioactive. Therefore, you saying that the raw materials that come into Shin-Etsu are radioactive is a flawed statement. Lynas on the other hand manufactures produces rare earth and therefore produces the radioactive by-products. I too am against opposing for the sake of opposing and the opposition may be taking it too far by sensationalizing this issue but the way you are twisting facts for political mileage is equally, if not more, disgusting.

    1. Seriously, your accusation are not welcomed here… =) I have no political mileage by blogging… there are hundreds of bloggers like me… I blog based on my opinion and what feel is right.. if you cant buy my logics,its fine..
      By the way, rather than you proving it with Wikipedia n google, I hope more solid proof from SE provided .. I am sure all of us what to know the I hope someone will reveal it.. good day..god bless

      I am pro BN..Doesn’t make me a member of any party..

  13. "I am pro BN..Doesn’t make me a member of any party"- but how come I find you name in the committee of Putera MIC Pulau Pinang?

    1. Yes.. I am amember of Putera MIC Penang and also Putera MIC National Council member… Puetra MIC is under the banner of MIC but its constitution says a member of Putera is not MIC member… I don’t remember registering myself with MIC…and I don’t pay membership fees annually which a member should do.. hope I made myself clear here…