Saturday, June 4, 2011

What do I face as a member of MIC???

Here are few things that i would like to share with all of you... Few things which sometimes de-motivate me..
 but end of the day i realize... 'some' face stuffs even worst than me..=) Which eventually will make me feel good...and continue to fight for my party!!!

When I buy  more expensive stuff than others :
Aiya....MIC member...sure have money one!!!
If they buy :
My hardwork pays!!

When I say I support BN :
You are young and educated..supporting BN?? U must have hidden agenda..want to be rich?
If they support PR :
I want reformation! I want the 'rakyat' to be benefited!

When I speak my dissatisfaction over opposition :
You are bias!! Pro-BN like that!!
When they tell their dissatisfaction over BN :
eeeh,thats what people think! BN tipu rakyat!!

When I tell the real story of an issue :
You dont know the real story.. your mind is polluted
If they tell some :
This is the truth..BN twist the story!!

If I go against PR in blog/twitter/facebook :

Are you paid?? must be...
If its them :
I am speaking on behalf of 'rakyat'

If BN recruit more members/any opposition join BN :
kasi duit la... apa lagi!!!
If anyone join PR :
they want reformation!!!

If its Vell Paari :
If its LimGuanEng :
Party constituency

If its DS Samy Vellu
Too Long!
If its Lim Kit Siang
We need him!

When 'fuel price hike':
When water tariff hike :
For betterment??

You can say what u want!!! I know my stand!! I will continue!! Stop me if you can!!



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