Sunday, June 12, 2011

DCM Aide punched! Does He deserve it?? | Video

I dont wish nor want to give this particular person free publicity but I have no choice than doing it in order to ensure everyone know about him.. As readers would be aware, he was punched by one of the MIC member when Kampung Buah Pala issue was going on hot . But how many of us know WHY he was punched?

Understood from a liable source, Deputy Chief Minister's Political Aide, M.Satees was profane against one of the member. There were a lot of verbal war between them which cause Satees to lose control and scolded the MIC member with vulgar words.

"MIC is par**h party.. Moth*rf**k*rs get lost! Go and hide under your mothers saree, p*nd*m*v*nenggela", he said (according to source)
Lets see some other proofs which strengthen the statement above  :

He is not new to profanity!!

He uses vulgar words on someone!
He is used to it!! I mean bad words!

Look at yourself!!!
Just like what he said before???!!!

Now lets think! If someone tell me he dont deserve to be punched, just tell me A reason why? Imagine, ALL these abusive words used on someone, will one be able to remain his/her cool? We are not Pope Benedict, are we?
According to another source,the DCM Aide had also used abusive words on Ex-UMNO Youth Chief ,Mr.Norman where Norman shoved Satees . 
Star | Wednesday November 3th 2010

My question is....
IF  what MIC did was wrong..if Satees does not use such words..does he need to feel guilty? then why there is no reports or press statements against the member and MIC?? Feel guilty? scared? WHY?? 

When he can write about others, why cant he write about what happen to him??? Truth?? Hahaha..
And now.. see the video.. and tell me... DOES HE DESERVE IT???



  1. whatever said and done sir, assaulting another man is an offense legally. Its wrong, no need justification.

  2. There is no justification brother! It merely a question asked whether he deserved it or not? Cheers!