Friday, October 21, 2011

Muslims served with beers and pork! Where is PAS?

I received a complaint(via email) from a Malay friend , a member of DAP ( requested his name not to be mentioned) that in recent DAP Bukit Bintang Dinner, there were many 'non-halal' dish served. Also been told that they serve alcohol drinks to all attendees despite knowing the sensitivity of Malays who also attended the dinner.

p/s : (click here to read "#biaDAP rasis! SU Adun Bagan Dalam menghina kaum India!")

Here is the video of YB Nga Kor Ming speech in that dinner :

Check this printscreens :

It has been normal for  DAP to be disrespectful towards Muslims as this kind of case had happened before even during Tenang Election . Check the photo below :

This is not something new for DAP to keep ignoring other races' sentiments. So when they will learn to respect others? I am also informed that 'pork' served in that dinner where the Malays had to request for 'halal' food which is not in the menu. Dinner was catered from outside to serve the Malays. How true is this statement? Don't DAP  know Muslims are not allowed to eat 'pork'? They should have  prepared it earlier rather than cater it,shouldn't they? ?

I am voicing out this on behalf of my friend who was really disappointed with DAP on that dinner. Even though it got nothing to do with me,but it is my responsibility to voice out against wrong doing.


p/s : (click here to read "#biaDAP rasis! SU Adun Bagan Dalam menghina kaum India!")



  1. yang salah nya melayu pi join makan org cina buat ape..lebih salah lagi join parti (politik ) depa ni. bau masakan babi pun dah boleh muntah dari jauh lagi. kenapa pi sana, memang depa nak makan binatang tu ...

  2. malaysia negara org cina... cuma melayu takk sedar lagi

  3. Hahaha bodoh ah keling ini.. Sendiri minum...nak kutuk pulak. Suruh BN pukimak stop jual arak ah... Aku melayu tapi reti budaya lain... India la yang minum buat Hal bodoh, rompak bunuh gaduh...

  4. Dear Gutless,
    Serving/Drinking beer is not wrong but serving it at function which will be attended by all races is disrespect. know the differences.

  5. Dear anon Nov 8, 2.40, how do you want BN to stop selling beer? why don't you ask PKR/DAP/PAS close beer's plant at Selangor?
    U are Malay? and know others customs? I think u're still stupid yet, bcoz u yourself not respecting Indians by using harsh words "k****g'.
    I'm also a Malay and I'm proud with these Indian who're really appreciates harmony in Malaysia. Thanks Dhanyaraam. Together we, Malaysian stop racism practiced by this political party.

  6. Dear Faiz, we will fight till our last breath to save our beloed country brother..salam 1 Malaysia

  7. Nanti sekejab Hotel Ballroom yang mana? Saya ingat orang Cina perlu jaga apabila makan daging babi dan minum arak juga.