Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bomb Issue | The Other side Of The Coin..

It has been making headlines in all mainstream medias..numerous blogs talking about it..but that was never what i wanted..NEVER! I was never given a chance to explain..not even once.. many accusations and rumors spread.

Frequently raised concern :
i) He is your friend. How can you back stab him?
ii) He is an Indian too? how can you do that to another Indian?
iii) People do anything for cheap publicity.(MIC blamed)

Haha..ok.. lets go one by one..

He is your friend. How can you back stab him?

Back stab?

I actually reminded Jana several times to remove the post. His post is not only dangerous, but have raised the anger among many of his colleagues/FB friends as well.. Look at the printscreens I have saved :

(i) Red Star - Jana
(ii0 Blue Star - Those against him

 I told him once.....

 Told him twice..

I have even send him a Short Messaging System  via my tablet asking him to remove

What can I do more , if he is stubborn? I HAVE ADVISED HIM MANY TIMES!! I CALLED HIM BUT NO ANSWER?

If the printscreens observed carefully, many of his friends arent happy with what had happen..so was I the only one not happy with Jana? some even sent me messages in FB

Conclusion : I asked Jana to remove the post but he refuse to..
Was I the only one who has the printscreen?

Hell NO!! I even received email from Unknown regarding this matter :

SO it is clear I was not the only one who has the printscreen ...

So what can be done with that printscreen? If the PS goes to the wrong hand(let it be opposition or rulling party) , things would have went even worst.. One can just 'bomb' (now days  bombs can be made easily , check Youtube) on PM's visit and blame Jana for it . It can be used by either side(opposition or rulling party) as all of us know election is just around the corner.. :)

How IF, someone who has the printscreen, seriously plant bombs on the spot and blame Jana for it? Do you really think he can escape? Its better to be questioned now and get away than arrested later and have no way? remember this is BOlehLand...anything is possible!!!

So in this case, Jana would have faced worst situation than what he is facing now. Remember, the printscreen went viral NOT because of my blog. The shown PS above is a very good example! So who made the police reports? ITS NEVER ME!!! IF ANYONE CAN SHOW ANY PROOF THAT I MADE REPORT(S) , I AM WILLING TO BE SUED FOR GIVING FALSE INFORMATION!

Why this issue went big then?

 Was it because its 'dhanyaraam.blogspot'? or its Jana ? haha..its because of the issue!! Threat is a threat! And it was pointed out to PM! Yes, I did blog about it but come on, why am I on TV? Aku ni blogger jalanan saja...! I have wrote almost hundred over articles, and all labelled as 'shit' by haters, then why this suddenly took the highest rank among the headlines? because of the issue!! Its is sensational to media!

He is an Indian too? how can you do that to another Indian?

Answering to the second one, yes, he is an Indian.. and I was questioned by few for pointing out another Indian..correct? IF its a Chinese or Malay you guys would mind right? If he wasnt my friend, there wont be any havoc as it is now correct? just because he is an Indian and my friend , he needed justice? how if its not? Isnt it double standard?Why didnt he listen to me who was trying to save him?let it be Malay,Chinese or Indian...I would have done the same if its others considering the post which is over the limit. Why the fuss then?

People do anything for cheap publicity.(MIC blamed)

 I am a just a normal blogger who blog about issues...I am not even a member of MIC(yet) ..So how can I have political mileage? Isnt it stupid? hahaha.. I welcome anyone who can prove my membership with any political party. Agree that I am pro-MIC blogger, but doest it mean I am a politician or something?

P/s : Member of PuteraMIC not necessary to be member of MIC..its in the constitution of MIC..I have never registered in MIC at all..

My blog was promoted by many top bloggers in Malaysia as they find the news is sensational..Things got heated up after it was published in top blogs! Why my previous articles wasnt this big? Its not because of 'dhanyaraam.blogspot' or 'Jana' but the ISSUE! Even if a kid who opens a blog today can be the talk of the town because of this issue!! Its the issue that got all angles of attention.

Yenakke IG'ye Teriyum(I know the IG *joking mode*)
Some even asked me, why did you write "Penulis berharap pihak polis akan mengambil perkara ini dengan serius" ?? You guys really think police read my blog? Just because I asked police to do so, they arrested him?
Funny isnt it? Police just did their job based on reports made all over the country. Even if its not me, someone ,for sure, will blast this issue somewhere, somehow .. put friendship and race aside , see the real picture without any bias thought!

 I have advised him to remove several times.. I only posted in my post.. I didnt make any police report..
I did my best to help him by advising him... But he didnt seem to help himself..what can I do...?

I am not devoid to jests but I am just a Blogger.. =)
God Bless..

p/s : few changes had been made to the original post upon request from the family member(refuse to be named) who contacted me via FB..



  1. I think there is no wrong in ur action. It wasnt ur blog or him made this issue big. It was the word wrote on his blog. You have advice him as a friend and as an Indian but when he refuse to listen then you have to do ur duty as a citizen of Malaysia. Nothing to worry, as in my point of view u have done NO WRONG.

  2. guys...lets not point fingers at any1..evy1 have their own say...for d wellbeing of evy1 jus b careful of how u use social networks n pls noe ur limits...its a lesson for all of us..pls make sure it is nt repeated...peace out

  3. ok dude, i agree that you advised him twice or more than that, but why did you, yourself have to printscreen the status and blow it into a big issue...anyone can printscreen the status??? naw i don't think so...im sure that only the friends of jana can read what is in his profile...so for sure it you all "his friends". you all should know him better than other...u advise him twice but what is the need for you to relate his status with police..some sort like you're asking the police to take the action...and there you go "I am not even a member of MIC(yet)"...sound like you're gonna be in the top listed candidate in MIC soon...seriously man, ur gonna be responsible for your action....not saying that you're entirely responsible for what had happened nor jana but just saying...if you're not into politics yet then pls don't talk or write anything about politics...

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  5. those fuckers who commented as anonymous here. guess your the most finest dump shit that your parents could've ever made. just because his raam's friend,doesn't mean that everything can be tolerated.for instance when you got to know you classmate is a hooker will you try to convince her , send her to any counseling centers to navigate her path to right track or you will close you eyes fuck her up , pay some cash then let your friends to enjoy too. Jana needs a lesson and he take things for humor. Now it's no longer humor. i wonder how will you react is someone in you friends list posted his intention to strip your mom or sis and let them taste the cum! will start advising your friend or make him as punching back? so bastards stop defending for nothing!

  6. Jana ni memang kuang ajaq..kar kampus buat besar kepala... Mau kena ajaq org mcm ni..sagi, kami bebudak u nak gi wat report pasal mamat ni..biaq mampuih..bagus blogger

  7. He deserve it...threat is cannot be tolarated..even if its a joke, it has its limit...sorry for u Jana...but its a good leason...

  8. Kami mahasiswa UiTM sokong tindakan saudara Dhanyaraam... Ini satu pengajaran yang bagus untuk semua mahasiswa robot..yang cakap sebarangan...hormat pemimpin negara...tak suka,serah kerakyatan..blah dari negara..tak kisah dari bangsa mana.. Semua sama..

  9. Buang warganegara budak tu la... Nak bom konon... Macam bodoh...

  10. Good.. Friends dont run away from law...wrong cannot be right if you hide it...kudos... U are brave to voice the wrong doing of own friend.. Very good...keep it up..hope lesson learnt by all students...

  11. anak haram ni memang kurang ajaq kat kampus la..dia ingat dia campur ngan cina dia baguih! ramai kawan indian aku tak mcm dia..bagus la kena tangkap..kalau kena buang lagi baguih! aku bukan tak ada hati,tak kecian kat dia..tapi ini kena jadi satu pengajaran utk dia tu!! nak melawak ada had ..bukan sampai cam ni

  12. A good lesson to all student... this like this arent a joke! THIS IS SERIOUS!!! Blogger didnt a good job, but i feel blogger got 'angpau' from PM? LOL good job..keep it up!

  13. read other blogs... all was against u..good that you gave explanation...from my view, you are right at certain points..this aint a joke..but i also hope, that feller will be fine..Thanks - Prem Malaysian Indian Youth Council

  14. This Jana feller is a chicken la... I doubt if he really meant it... But being exposed to all sort of news..this jana should know whats happening...he should knw the cons... Now padan muka...! Ketegaq nak mampuih...suruh delete tak mau..berlagak hero..amik hang!

  15. When he say he wana bomb the helicopter, it clearly shows how much hatred he has for BN...stupid feller..according to news, his father is a government servant..he studying in gov U..getting ptptn..he is a traitor to our country..kalau ada maruah, pi blajar dgn duit sendiri la bodoh...

  16. Hebat..biar siswa yang kurang ajar,diajar polis...!

  17. tidak setuju dengan komen ini~".if you're not into politics yet then pls don't talk or write anything about politics"..by the way,u have done ur job as a malaysian.proud of you.

  18. bodo betul blogger

  19. Budak USM tu kena sedar..belajr duit kerajaan..tapi kutuk pemimpin kerajaan...bodoh punya mahasiswa