Saturday, May 7, 2011

I know who am I, how about you?

Here is a little story about my family history (mother's family) that I would like to share wit all.I have done some research and manage to compile the informations to be shared. First of all I would like to thank my mother Madam Veeshalni , Uncle Praba and cousin Nantheni for sharing valuable information with me.

Understood that my forefathers are from Madurai,India.Dad of my greatgrandfather is Mr.Munusamy. He and his spouse gave birth to my greatgrandfather ,Mr.Muthusamy. Muthusamy lived in India(Madurai to be specific) and join British Reenforcement and was brought to South Africa as 'Sippai'..He ,who I believe a good cook, transferred to kitchen to serve the British as Chef.

Due to some reason his team was brought to Burma(now Myanmar) where he met his love , Mdm. Theyvana Ammal. It is to be believe that his wife is Tamil and Burmese mixed. They then got married and blessed with two children, Ponnamah and Subramaniam. After several years in Burma, he went back to South Africa together with his family. Since he was serving the British at South Africa,his children given South Africa Birth Certificate .

After certain period of time, he with his family came to MALAYA before independent (now Malaysia) .They settled down in Penang and the family members increased to total ten(10)..they are Muniamal (3rd child),Rajoo,Puspa,Marimuthu(my grandfather),Krishnaveni and Dewi(last child).

Now ,most of them had passed away and their generation is coming to the end... living their sons and daugthers...I am the 3rd generation of my great grandfather ,Mr Muthusamy.. Should I be proud that I know who I am...???? We are not from King Chola nor Pandian generation..but we know who we are... perhaps we might be related to "Maduraveeran"....LOL...

Below is the documents that related to Mr.Subramaniam (2nd child)

My Grandfather is Malaysian born,my mother do I...


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