Thursday, May 12, 2011

Professor Rama Scandal Exposed!! "Rama, Who is Magleswari???"

I decided to write up an article pertaining a news that has been spreading in blogs,emails and sms involving Professor Ramasamy.

"DAP Deputy Secretary General from Malaysia making headline in India ....Early Feb 2010 Pg Deputy Chief Minister P.Ramasamy led some 25 people delegations to attend the Tamil Protection International Conference in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. During their stay in a hotel in Coimbatore, three drunkard men 1/3 rape a female lawyer in a room..All the 3 men - Kalai, Mohan and Suppiah Muniandy, n the lawyer Mangleswari, are all Ramasamy delegates 4 the conference. Suppiah from Butterworth Mariamman Kovil chairman. "Kovil Talaivar pandra koottai paarteiraa". Fortunately, another male delegate saved the woman from being raped . Ramasamy was understandably angry because Mangleswari was his 'Girlfriend'. This incident was reported in Tamil newspapers in Tamil Nadu. Ramasamy's wife scolded Ramasamy and Magleswari during their hotel stay. Mangleswari was called 'whore' ..."

Is it true?? was reported by Indian Medias?? By the way, I am just curious who is Magleswari?? I have heard this name few times but I have no idea who she is..

But if we 'dig' few old files of Rama,we may find some hint to this very interesting story..In case if all of you have forgotten, year ago Ashwenee Appadurai exposed Prof Ramasamy's illegitimate son, Vijaya Ramasamy who is studying in overseas..

OMG Info : Ramasamy was a Professor at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia but his employment was terminated in 2005 after he tried to bring in Vijaya using his influence - Reliable Source

Like father,Like Son click here

So who is the Mother??? is it Magleswari???Is Rama trying to hide this story by sending Vijaya far overseas??I dont know..lets find out.. =)



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