Sunday, May 1, 2011

Professor Ramasamy....Hero or Zero?

Hero or Zero? That is the question running in everyone's mind today especially in those from Batu Kawan .. According from a source , there was a street demonstration today 1st Mei 2011 at 10.30 am somewhere near Penang Batu Kawan Stadium to show the dissatisfaction over Professor Ramasamy , Penang's so called first Indian Deputy Chief Minister ..His failure to understand the people's need resulted to this unexpected gathering. Understood that the residents did hunger strike demanding the DCM to solve their problems. However when contacted , he refuse to comment nor willing to come over to the strike spot.
Below are the pictures of banner hung all the place in Batu Kawan.

So what will be Ramasamy's answer?When he can fight for Sri Lankan's rights and welfare <click here> ,why can't he do the same to the people at his own constituency ? The people are waiting....lets wait and see!



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