Thursday, August 7, 2014

PROOF : RM540 million for Indian Community. A slap on Waytha Moorthy face!

A loser who ran away to London then came back to become a Deputy Minister in Prime Minister's office. He then resigned due to his own failures but now trying to be hero blaming back the government. 

I am not the official spokesman for MIC nor its President. But to expect MIC to react and answer Waytha Moorthi is like expecting pigs to fly.

 "on 10th February Prime Minister Najib tweeted that a sum of 540 Million Ringgit has already been disbursed to the Indian community till the year 2013"
Loser Waytha Moorthi keep harping on the tweet sent by the Premier by throwing allegation that MIC has swindled the money and demanding the proof to be shown on where RM540 million was spent should MIC deny the allegation (here in his facebook account)

Here is my reply to Waytha Moorthi :

Note : click the picture to enlarge

Above are the breakdown of RM100 million given. Here are the another list for the years prior to 2012 (click here) 

How about soft loans ? Amount of TEKUN loan disbursed for Indians by states : (click here)


Waytha , a man with body living in Malaysia but mind and soul in United Kingdom. Probably he pre-judge everyone as coward and a failure like him. Above figures were obtained from Prime Minister's Department and I welcome Waytha to check on the amount with every school mentioned here.

Before I continue with more revelation to break his nose , I would like to him some space to breath and counter this.

More to come.

Dhanyaraam C.

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