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Friday, September 12, 2014

NAAM & Gangsterism

Following are what is running through my mind. Opinions are mine .

In 2013, Malaysian authorities disclosed that ethnic Indians made up 71% of the 40,313 gangsters in Malaysia has divided the community, with some complaining about racial profiling but others acknowledging the sad fact.

There are some 2 million Indians in Malaysia, a relatively small minority, so the revelation by the Home Ministry last year of their over-representation in gangsterism has sparked anger and fear in a section of the Indian community worried about racial profiling.

How do we curb gangsterism ?

There are three ways .

1. To engage the misguided youth by bringing them to better path.
2. Arrest them ( how many can we arrest?)
3. Shoot them (for authority)

What is the best way in your opinion? to arrest and kill each and every misguided youth? Then we will have some clowns in gowns who will be coming in solidarity to claim justice for the gone.

Remember , gangsterism is not an act of an individual but involve a huge link of youth across the nation. Many factors drives them to this act , mainly poverty. 

“I used to run drugs. A man would bring a slab of heroin from Penang. It was like a brick. On the train, he would leave the slab away from where he sat. I would then pick it up and take it to Johor — by car, by bus, even by motorcyle — through all the small towns. That was more than 10 years ago. I was paid RM15,000 for every trip.”
                          Extracted from The Star Online "Exclusive: Poverty driving them to gangsterism" , September 6 , 2013

On the other note , NAAM an NGO established by MIC Vice-President and Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Datuk M Saravanan in late 2013 to assist Indian youths through entrepreneurship, business financing and human capital development. This movement receives fund from Ministry of Sports and Youth which has objective of producing 100,000 Indian entrepreneurs in next 5 years.

For the past few days ,my Facebook timeline was filled with death news of one of the notorious gangster , M.Sasitharen , 32 who was gunned down in Johore . As many of us would be aware , late Sasi a.k.a Ulu Tiram Sasi is Johor wing of New Affirmative Action Movement (NAAM) head. 

Sasi was also president of another NGO called “Persatuan Pembangunan Putra Wawasan” - which is an organisation to help people with regards to education, job opportunities and welfare.

I was told that Datuk Saravanan has taken few initiatives to engage youth who involves in notorious activities and gives them a chance / platform to build themselves financially legally as well as to serve the community via NAAM . Isnt it a good effort ? Dont you think everybody deserve a second chance?
 This noble effort from Datuk Saravanan is not only targeting the determined youth who are willing to accept the challenge of global demand in agriculture but also young delinquents who involve themselves in gangsterism.

How long are we going to distance ourself from the youth who needs proper guidance and attention ? They need to be engaged and inclusive effort needed to keep them in the mainstream of development. The more we ignore them, the worst they become.

I applaud the effort by NAAM. INCLUSIVENESS is vital .