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Monday, December 14, 2015

REVEALED :You wouldn't want to know what transpired between Kayveas and MIC in 1983

Referring to myPPP President's article on 13th Dec 2015 : Show us the money, Kayveas says of funds for Indians

Tan Sri Kayveas had created a stir after he launched an unpopular attack targeting MIC last weekend.

It has drawn attention of many from Barisan Nasional leadership especially from MIC  and it is seen as nothing other than a cheap publicity stunt. 

Youth Leader , C.Sivarraajh had striked back by labeling Kayveas as an imbecile (read here) while Women Leader , Madam Mohana urge the the myPPP President to divert his scope towards something else for his political survival.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Empowering Youth : How serious is Dr.Subra ?

MIC is gaining the momentum in winning back the Indian community's support since its worst defeat in 2008 General Election.

But a little is done to win back young voters' support which has been increasing (new voters) from 150,000 to 200,000 annually.

MIC need new faces to lead . Young voters are searching for an icon to look upon but is MIC 'breeding' enough new leaders  ?


The expectation is now high after the pristine looking, calm and composed Datuk Seri Dr.Subramaniam succeeded the leadership of MIC. What are his plans to win over young voters in the coming election ? How will he reform the party at the same time to keep pace to reach the community?

Cutting short ,MIC has been severely lacking in producing the next generation of leaders. Unlike UMNO and MCA , the youths are often trifled by the top leaders. Youth Chiefs aren't exceptional.

click for larger image

The above table is enough to show the fate of youth leaders in MIC all these while. But with Dr.Subra at the helm of MIC , can this 'curse' be changed ?

This is not about promoting any individual but more to a towards righteous concern over the future of MIC with declining support of youth for the party that represent each and every Indian youth in this country.

Many youths are distancing themselves from MIC as they think that the latter is irrelevant and does not cater to proper platform for their growth. MIC is flooded by seniors and veterans , in public assumption . Empowering the Youth Chief will be the manifestation of the seriousness of Dr.Subra's in reforming MIC toward the 14th General Election. This will magnify a positive image that MIC does indeed offer 'growing space' for young leaders to serve the community and the country.

With MIC Youth Nomination and Election around the corner, I hope importance and priority will be given to the Youth Chief REGARDLESS of who the delegates vote.

As we are aware, the former President's ministerial position has been scraped by Prime Minister in recent cabinet reshuffle. This left a speculation that MIC will be re-offered a place in cabinet , but this time , a Deputy Minister's position.

Will MIC Youth Chief stand tall together with other component youth leaders after this? The ball is in Dr.Subramaniam's court .


Disclaimer : The content of above article illustrates writer's personal opinion on current political scenario.