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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Go back to Indonesia ...

Barely a week after the headmaster of SK Seri Pristana in Sungai Buloh came under fire for instructing his  students to have their recess meals in a changing room, last Monday a secondary school principal has allegedly raised racial tension.

This time it is alleged that the headmistress told non-Malay students to go back to India or China.
The principal of SM Alam Megah in Section 27 Shah Alam had apparently told noisy non-Malay students to go back to their native land during the school assembly last Monday. (source)

This is the story the media told us.

What I was told by a friend's brother who is studying there :

  • The teacher did utter such statement but her remarks was not quoted fully neither by the parents nor media.
  • It was on a fine beautiful Monday. School assembly was going on .

  • When national anthem was going on, the students show no sign of respect to the song but was talking and making noise.
  • the HM who got pissed with this said (something similar) to this angrily  " Kamu semua kalau tak reti nak hormat lagu kebangsaan , Melayu balik Indonesia..India balik India dan Cina balik Cina'
This is what the other side of story  :

Contradict to what media has portrait 

Now its my side of story :

  1. The HM was triggered by anger due to the disrespectful act by the pupils .
  2. Anger cause murders...anger cause racial tenses.
  3. Even though it was a stereotype , in my humble opinion it doesnt reason a HM to say that.
  4. Such remarks shouldn't be used against anyone in this country. We all are Malaysians, arent we?
  5. Some politicians like YB Wee Ka Siong started to jump the gun by accusing educators of fueling the fires of racial bigotry in the country. ' Kerana setitik Nila, rosak sebelanga Susu' ?
  6. KPM should investigate this issue tactfully 
So now, you decide.. What is right...what is wrong.. remember , there are always three sides of a story.. Yours, theirs...and the TRUTH..

'Demi Negara'


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Jaspal - Just For Poll

Disclaimer : This is a personal blogpost. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not anyone else.

With poor result in GE13 , MIC is now struggling to win over more Indians' hearts in GE14. Prior to that, MIC leaders have to win party seats. As we are heading towards MIC poll in two months time , many drama(s) can be seen along the path to the Day.

Some unpopular MIC leaders who has been really vocal lately on Matriculation issues ,University intakes , MIC’s debt-ridden investment arm, Maika Holdings and yeah, most recent on Bathroom Canteen issue.

YB Senator Jaspal Singh, is the man I am talking about. Who is he? I am not surprised if many of your dont know him. But again, who is he?

Jaspal sworn in as Senator on Nov 3 2011 and still serving as one till today ( 28 July 2013). Some party members claimed that they have not seen him speaking out any Indian issues so far until MIC poll's date was announced.

Now the YB Senator who is also the treasurer-general of MIC has been making more statements in media than the President of MIC himself. 

Matriculation Issue...

Jaspal shows his bravery by taking first step 'attacking' the Ministry of Education for above subject which most of us are aware of. My question is, where were you YB Senator when the Indians needed you all these while? You sworn in as Senator in 2011 ,kept mum for two years and only now voicing it out? This issue has been like haze... It arises every year...

To cut it short , lets take a look at YB Senators statements in FB. He uses Note application in Facebook to reach his followers and below is the screenshot of his entire note upload so far.

Jaspal's last post on Note was about him in Prashanthi Nilayam , India which he uploaded on 16 July 2011. After exactly 2 years(15 July 2013) , he continued to upload his writings in Facebook. Missing for two years YB Senator? Where have you been? London?

Now that we can see him coming more often in media for many issues.

27 July 2013

Only now? Why didnot question when Datuk Seri Samy was around?

So , where is this heading to? Definitely to Party Poll .. But then for which position is he eyeing for? God knows..

Just a sincere request to YB Senator : MIC need leaders who speak up all the time not only  when party election is nearing. Anyway, let wait and see the action. More drama on the way.

 For now, chakdee paatheeey!!

''Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara'


Thursday, July 25, 2013

An Email from a Stranger - Canteen In Changing Room

I have been getting many emails/comments/messages applauding my effort to defend the school. Well , let me repeat it was done not to defend the school. NO.

Like rest of you out there ,  I am upset with the poor decision made by the school. But again, what is the reason behind it? What is the thing that made other parents of 1300 students silent about it? I am skeptical . I found out some facts which I wrote yesterday here 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Canteen In Changing Room , FACTS That You Should Know.

There is always other side of the coin. 

I had a bad experience of not being allowed to explain on my side when there was once an issue arise. Since then , I always start to see things from different perspective prior judging something. With all fairness , I would like to share some info about the school, SK Pristana which came under fire by many Netizen today.

I have visited the school just now and here are the findings :

Thursday, July 18, 2013

[Part 2] Konspirasi Dokumen Palsu di Mahkamah Tinggi oleh PR @staronline @the_mole @fmtoday @malaysiakini

Seperti yang dijanjikan Yuktes Vijay telah pun membuat laporan polis terhadap terhadap pemimpin pembangkang (klik disini untuk baca Part 1)

Baca disini
Ini merupakan isi kandung emel yang sebelum ini penulis pernah dedahkan  (klik disini untuk baca Part 1)

Klik untuk imej yang lebih jelas

Tahniah penulis ucapkan kepada saudara Yuktes atas keberanian untuk tampil mendedahkan kejahatan Anwar dan konco-konconya.

Ini baru permulaan.. ada banyak lagi bukti emel yang dipunyai oleh Yuktes..Bila nak dedahkan ?? 

Kepada pembaca yang ingin tahu lebih lanjut mengenai kebenaran, penulis berharap anda akan tunggu untuk lebih banyak pendedahan dari penulis. Akan penulis 'korek' lebih banyak rahsia untuk perkongsian bersama. 

Yuktes 'hutang' rakyat Malaysia banyak KEBENARAN!!!

Apa pun ini adalah statement terbaru daru Yuktes yang dibuat tengahari tadi .

Good day guys,
              Hope you all are well.
Yesterday, I reported the use of a fake medical certificate in the Peaceful Assembly Act (Bersih 3.0) case by Anwar Ibrahim. However, I am guessing I was not clear or precise with my explanation or statement. The fault lies on my nerves. 
As such, I would like to clarify and rectify before Anwar does what he does best by diverting the real issue ie : the use of the medical certificate with a legal suit to paint a picture he is indeed the “Anugerah Tuhan” as claimed by his dear wife. 
Please take note that Anwar USED the submission of the medical certificate for political mileage. To be more precise, the medical certificate was submitted on BEHEST, not BEHALF, of Anwar Ibrahim.The purpose of the submission was for Anwar’s political mileage. However, it was NOT TENDERED in Court by him. The medical certificate WAS TENDERED in Court by Chegubard. 
The beneficiary of this blatant con job was Anwar. The one who gained political mileage was Anwar. 
That is the reason I stated Anwar used a fake medical certificate.
My apologies if I had not been precise or clear. Giving statements to the press is not a norm for me. And I hope my media friends understand the pressure and the usual “BN stooge” taunts that I am subjected to right now. It hurts. 
Kindly refer to . By 1pm, a piece of evidence will be published here to help paint a clearer picture. 
The release of this evidence is to deter, as mentioned previously, the classic Anwar move of diverting the real issue, ie : submission of a fake MC to his legal suit. Well, I think Anwar is the only one who sues when people actually describe the real him.
Submission of fake medical certificate is a prelude to a other series of exposes. Sodomy II was a drama of high voltage. On a final note, I would like to thank Anwar for publishing in PKR website that “ yuktes vijay had all times been an intern”. Saved me a lot of trouble buddy.
But, how did an intern be “cc-ed” and “bcc-ed” important e-mails? Love your tales Astroboy.
Have a good day guys. Take care. 
Yuktes Vijay

Sehingga pendedahan seterusnya , sekian dari saya. 

Sepandai-pandai tupai melompat ,
Akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga.

Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara,


Friday, July 12, 2013

EKSKLUSIF | Rogol : Pemikiran PAS perlukan 'overhaul' #noexcuseforrape

''Wanita boleh mencegah jenayah seksual dengan tidak memakai seluar pendek dan pakaian sangat ketat.
Kerajaan perlu membuat pertimbangan menggubal undang-undang untuk menghalang wanita daripada memakai "tidak senonoh" pakaian.'' - Ahli Parlimen Rantau Panjang , Siti Zailah Mohd Yusoff 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

GAGAL! Protes Matrikulasi Pembangkang @mkula @mpklang tidak dapat sambutan! @pkamalanathan

Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail. Without it, nothing can succeed                            
                                                                                                                   - Abraham Lincoln 

Kerajaan rasis! Kaum India tidak diberi perhatian! Mana janji Najib? Janji Matrikulasi sekadar wayang BN!

Itulah ungkapan MP-MP PR yang sejak kebelakangan ini cuba mengungkitkan isu lapok setelah kehilangan idea untuk menyerang MIC,YB Kamalanathan dan Najib. Jom kita lihat kronologi kegagalan mereka...

PANAS! Konspirasi Dokumen Palsu di Mahkamah Tinggi oleh PR ?

Hukuman bagi keterangan palsu 193.
Sesiapa yang dengan sengaja memberikan keterangan palsu dalam mana-mana peringkat
suatu prosiding kehakiman, atau mereka-reka keterangan palsu untuk tujuan daripada 
yang digunakan dalam mana-mana peringkat prosiding kehakiman, hendaklah dihukum
dengan pemenjaraan selama tempoh yang boleh sampai tujuh tahun, dan boleh juga 
dikenakan denda, dan sesiapa yang sengaja memberikan atau mereka-reka keterangan palsu dalam apa-apa hal lain, hendaklah dihukum dengan pemenjaraan selama tempoh yang boleh sampai tiga tahun, dan
hendaklah juga didenda

Kanun Keseksaan
Menggunakan bukti diketahui palsu 196. Sesiapa yang tidak jujur ​​menggunakan atau cuba untuk menggunakan sebagai benar atau tulen keterangan apa-apa bukti yang dia tahu adalah palsu atau direka, hendaklah dihukum dengan cara yang sama seolah-olah dia memberi atau fabrikasi keterangan palsu. Mengeluarkan atau menandatangani sijil palsu

Sekadar Hiasan

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

'Selera' Beg Tangan First Lady Of Penang (FLOP)

Artikel ini ditujukan kepada Red Bean Bun Army yang buat penulis muak dan loya dengan fitnah serta tomahan terhadap Wanita Pertama Malaysia.

Serik penulis lihat komen-komen yang sering mengkritik Wanita Pertama negera , Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor. Siang-malam ada saja komen-komen dari puak-puak pembangkang membuang fitnah tak henti-henti.

Pernah baca artikel mengenai 'kembar' Datin Rosmah? (klik disini)

Dari pakaian hinggalah ke aksesori yang dipakai..semuanya diejek..difitnah.. Persoalannya, apakah tiada pemimpin Pembangkang lain yang minat aksesori , berfesyen??