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Tamil Schools and Idiots around.

Just to clear something up when I say "idiots" I don't mean people who are less knowledgeable than me about a certain topic. I mean people who are wilfully ignorant, intolerant, or unreasonable to the point of frustration

I received a Whatsapp message from a friends of mine who shared a link of blog post regarding issues in Tamil schools.

*clicked the link*
*read till end*
*facepalm-ed myself*
Looking at the imbecile of the blogger , I said to myself...

Really? That is the sperm that won?

As much as I agree that the article was wrote out of community concern , I would also like to stress that I dont tolerate non-factual assumptions which were wrote emotionally. Here I would like to make some major corrections to his article (click here) . I dont blame him for his ignorance as previous leaders of National Front coalition has created such public perceptions . But my friend , ignorance is no more bliss.

Ignorance (1)     : Money that is going to Tamil schools are being managed by MIC fellows. 

Level : 10 (Max)

Political parties can never handle government allocations. When a budget is approved for schools , it is the responsibility of Ministry of Finance to release the requested amount to JKR or to the contractors. Most of the time , payment will only be done upon few stages of completion.

But it does not stop at that , the approval of every single penny of the fund will be audited and submitted to the National Audit Department and will be presented to AG for approval. Any misuse/fund abuse that happen along this chain of process will be revealed in Audit Report annually. Do you even read Audit Report?

Ignorance  (2)   : Your budget and manpower is given, what else  do you need other than to go and immediately upgrade all these schools? 

Level : 5

Budget given, yes. Man power , yes. Build immediately? What is this? Lego blocks?

Despite the fact that many schools are in good condition, there are still few schools deep inside estates with poor infrastructure still providing basic education for our kids. What is the issue? Why cant this schools given good facilities ?

(i) The schools are located on private lands and there is no way for Government to even move a stone onto it. How if tomorrow the developer request the school to return the land? Are we going to shoulder the school to another land?

(ii) Provide new land - Most of the school which is in sorry condition has been offered an option to shift but  parents are reluctant as they claim the new school location will be far from their home. We have seen the similar case in SJK (T) Seaport when 12/31 parents did not want their children to move to new schools ( new building with better facilities) because it was 4 kilometres far. Even after MIC has offered to pay the children transports fees until they finish studying ( read full report here)

(iii) Schools that has no issue with land will go through these processes before a project starts :
a. Tenders open
b. Contractor to submit their quotation.
c. MOF will choose contractors.
d. Tender negotiation 
e. Contractor finalisation 
f. Local authorities (State Government) approval
From technical aspect :
-Civil and Structure
-Mechanical & Electrical 
g. Work starts

Delay at any point above will surely results to late start of the project. Usually at e. as MOF will have to ensure if the contractor is really 'fit' to run the project.

Ignorance (3) : Why these schools need to be in ‘Separuh Bantuan’. Why it should not all be fully funded?

Level : 7 

As I explained above ( Ignorance 2 (i) )  , that is the reason why some schools cannot be made fully aided school (here after known as FAS). Nevertheless , below are facts to ponder :

Point 1. There are 367 Partially aided school ( here after known as PAS) NOT 372 as claimed.
Point 2. Some schools are on private land( small no of school)
Point 3. Schools must apply to change the status from partially aided school to fully aided school. Most of the school did not want to.

Why? Because if a school is made as FAS it must follow all rules and regulations by Ministry of Education. PAS fear of losing many privilege including holidays for ponggal which is not recognised by MOE.

PAS will not be fully bound to KPM unlike FAS. In some schools the PTA fear of losing the rights over schools. Therefore, most of the schools still remain as PAS.

Why not ask the Head Master , PTA chairman and PPD officers before jump the gun? Premature ejaculation ?

For readers info , 889 / 1294 Chinese schools in Malaysia are PAS !!! and the reason behind it are same as above. 

Point 4. Many PAS school had received funds from Gov for small projects. Some are still receiving.

Many PAS are at the junction :

So whom to be blamed? MOE or School board? 

Ignorance (4) : Can’t disclose financial details  ?

Level            :  8

Full details of RM540 million spent on school has been shared with every before this. Incase the blogger take sometime to google , he would have found this (click here)


I recall the blogger's article which was posted prior to GE13  publishing old pictures of Tamil School here (click)

Photo shared by the blogger on 26 April 2013 :

Condition of the school on 26 April 2013 : 


Photo shared by the blogger on 26 April 2013 : 

Condition of the school on 26 April 2013 : 

SJKT Ladang Selaba, Teluk Intan has a new 1 block building with 6 classrooms and toilets.

Photo shared by the blogger on 26 April 2013 : 

Condition of the school on 26 April 2013 : 


I am not sure what is the intention of the blogger to share old pictures of some schools in his blogs . But what I am pretty much sure is that he is not fully aware of what he is talking. Merely emotional .

Facts 5 - 0 Emotional Blogger 


Should the blogger or anyone need more information or wants to know more in details about this issues , we can always sit down for coffee session with MOE and discuss further instead of playing the blame game without facts and figures. 

If the blogger is really serious about solving Tamil school issue , I would like to call him for a coffee session with Deputy Minister of Education.

or he is just like other keyboard warriors?  Choice.

"Instigate With Facts"

Dhanyaraam C.


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