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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

We Should Avoid Reading Malaysia Nanban , Here is the Reason WHY!

Disclaimer: This is a personal weblog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and me only. The views and opinions expressed in this blog are of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any organisation , political party  and ministries . It is my bloody freedom of speech. 

It’s no secret that the millennial generation in Malaysia isn’t reading the Tamil dailies. This massive group of 18-34 year old is notorious for their obsession with technology, and their news consumption habits are no exception.

Despite a strong desire to stay connected with the world and current events, millennials are starting to favor or discard certain mediums. From 2001 to 2013, millennials who relied on the newspaper as their primary source of news nosedived from 36% to 22%. As the generation flocks to the cyberspace for information, printed media are being thrown to the wayside.  So why is it that millennials aren’t pick up the paper anymore?

Quality of Reporting 

One of the main reason for this rejection is due to the quality of news reported in Tamil dailies. Above is an old article extracted from Malaysia Nanban and it says (translated in English) :

"Who pinched Kushboo's hip?".
This is kind of news given second page coverage (half of a page) by a Tamil Daily which has over 50,000 circulation per day?

Poor Journalism 

Biased, unethical and  politically motivated news reporting also another reason why this newspaper often got rubbished by millennials.

This news was published in today's Malaysia Nanban edition ( 21-3-2017) hitting the Deputy Minister of Education and his ministry on the solution promised for SJKT Kalumpang , Hulu Bernam.

Should the Editor and the journalist were to spend their last weekend reading the internet or to refer the office of the Deputy Minister , they would have known that the Deputy Minister has visited the newly built building of SJKT Kalumpang on Friday ( 17-3-2017) .

Malaysia Nanban chose to publish a junk article that is deemed defaming the Deputy Minister despite all the effort being put in getting the school what it needs.

Malaysia Nanban chose to mislead the public with a very unethical way of journalism .

Being the lead Tamil Daily in this country , Malaysia Nanban should be more responsible in reporting news especially when it involves public interest.

Malaysia Nanban should aim to re-occupy the journalistic high ground. And it should remember what its responsibilities to its domestic viewers are.

Are these things too much to hope for?

Anyway , who pinched Kushboo's Hip? It remain a mystery.


Saturday, November 5, 2016

Krisis MIC Berakhir : Dua Puak Bergabung ,MIC Kembali Menemui Rentak!

Krisis kepimpinan dalam parti politik tanah air (mahupun luar negara) bukannya satu perkara yang baharu. Pada tahun 1987, kita telah menyaksikan krisis kepimpinan yang serius dalam UMNO sehingga muncul dua puak - Team A and B - yang akhirnya mengakibat Umno diisytiharkan haram oleh mahkamah. ( Krisis kepimpinan dalam MCA boleh dibaca di sini (klik) )

Apa yang penting adalah kebangkitan part-parti BN mengharungi krisis-krisis ini demi memperkasakan parti. 

Zaman Kegelapan MIC Tamat

Krisis kepimpinan MIC yang sekian lama berlanjutan kini menemui titik noktahnya apabila para penyokong mantan Presiden MIC , YB Datuk Seri G.Palanivel kembali ke MIC sebentar tadi. Seramai 400 Ketua-Ketua Cawangan  MIC yang diketuai oleh YBhg S.Sothinathan hadir ke perjumpaan khas tersebut dan dijangkakan seramai 600 cawangan secara keseluruhannya telah pulang ke pangkuan MIC 

Pengumuman ini dibuat oleh YB Datuk Seri Dr. S. Subramaniam sebentar tadi (video disini ) di Ibu Pejabat MIC , Jalan Ipoh. Dalam ucapannya , beliau menegaskan bahawa kini tiada lagi dua puak dalam MIC dan memberi peringatan kepada pihak-pihak di luar agar tidak lagi menggunakan isu krisis ini untuk memperlekehkan kebolehan dan kekuatan MIC. 

Tahniah diucapkan kepada Presiden MIC yang mampu membawa semua pihak ke meja rundingan dan berjaya selesaikan krisis yang berlanjutan selama dua tahun ini. 

"There is only one MIC and Datuk Seri Subramaniam is the President" - Datuk S.Sothinathan (video)

For the party , for a better Indian Community!


Monday, December 14, 2015

REVEALED :You wouldn't want to know what transpired between Kayveas and MIC in 1983

Referring to myPPP President's article on 13th Dec 2015 : Show us the money, Kayveas says of funds for Indians

Tan Sri Kayveas had created a stir after he launched an unpopular attack targeting MIC last weekend.

It has drawn attention of many from Barisan Nasional leadership especially from MIC  and it is seen as nothing other than a cheap publicity stunt. 

Youth Leader , C.Sivarraajh had striked back by labeling Kayveas as an imbecile (read here) while Women Leader , Madam Mohana urge the the myPPP President to divert his scope towards something else for his political survival.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Empowering Youth : How serious is Dr.Subra ?

MIC is gaining the momentum in winning back the Indian community's support since its worst defeat in 2008 General Election.

But a little is done to win back young voters' support which has been increasing (new voters) from 150,000 to 200,000 annually.

MIC need new faces to lead . Young voters are searching for an icon to look upon but is MIC 'breeding' enough new leaders  ?


The expectation is now high after the pristine looking, calm and composed Datuk Seri Dr.Subramaniam succeeded the leadership of MIC. What are his plans to win over young voters in the coming election ? How will he reform the party at the same time to keep pace to reach the community?

Cutting short ,MIC has been severely lacking in producing the next generation of leaders. Unlike UMNO and MCA , the youths are often trifled by the top leaders. Youth Chiefs aren't exceptional.

click for larger image

The above table is enough to show the fate of youth leaders in MIC all these while. But with Dr.Subra at the helm of MIC , can this 'curse' be changed ?

This is not about promoting any individual but more to a towards righteous concern over the future of MIC with declining support of youth for the party that represent each and every Indian youth in this country.

Many youths are distancing themselves from MIC as they think that the latter is irrelevant and does not cater to proper platform for their growth. MIC is flooded by seniors and veterans , in public assumption . Empowering the Youth Chief will be the manifestation of the seriousness of Dr.Subra's in reforming MIC toward the 14th General Election. This will magnify a positive image that MIC does indeed offer 'growing space' for young leaders to serve the community and the country.

With MIC Youth Nomination and Election around the corner, I hope importance and priority will be given to the Youth Chief REGARDLESS of who the delegates vote.

As we are aware, the former President's ministerial position has been scraped by Prime Minister in recent cabinet reshuffle. This left a speculation that MIC will be re-offered a place in cabinet , but this time , a Deputy Minister's position.

Will MIC Youth Chief stand tall together with other component youth leaders after this? The ball is in Dr.Subramaniam's court .


Disclaimer : The content of above article illustrates writer's personal opinion on current political scenario. 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hang Jebats in MIC

Every struggle certainly will require sacrifices.

In fact, we could not escape from being betrayed and stabbed by our own companions in the struggle.

Jebat Must Die - an epic tale sticks in each of our memory. Unfortunately Hang Jebat was often labelled as a traitor and a rebel in this story. In fact,  Hang Jebat is just a pure fighter who wants to avenge not only the death of his friend, Hang Tuah but to fight the injustice ruler , a despot. Speaks about his intention.

Today the debate continues as many defending Hang Jebat as a loyal friend who seeks for justice over his friend's death and a statesman who loved his nation more than himself.

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Article submitted by Mr. Hareeraja (Facebook account here) . 

All have now started to make noise in regarding of fuel price hike up. We can see banners, posters, online templates, short messages, whatsapp and many more media way to criticize the government’s move to increase the fuel price and the government are not concern over its people. I know there are instant economists; instant experts sitting in front of the computer are ready to put nasty comment on my write up. There will pro opposition who only believe their theory rather than trying or knowing the facts to attack me with your troops. Well I am not bothered and worried as I speak with the fact and base on the knowledge and involvement I have with these processes.

First of all I would like to correct your complain sentence. It is not fuel price was increased. It is suppose to mention as, the fuel subsidiary has been reduced. I can hear you saying “same lah” but it makes a lot of difference. Let me explain.

If a government is increasing the price even there is no subsidiary then the country is going to inflation stage where the country is heading for poor country status. Example many African nation need to spend millions of their own currency to buy a shirt and many more. Millions? Yes I mention millions. The sign of the country is getting weak can be seen in their currency value. This is leading to disastrous.

If a government is reducing subsidiary and implementing more transparent tax system, then it is heading to high income nation. High income nation or develop country has less subsidiary or no subsidiary and more transparent tax system and of course the tax percentage is very high in the range of 35% to 55% depends on the income range. Their payback system is by providing free education, jobless survival fund, single mother survival fund and many more. Example in England, jobless are paid weekly for their survival and single mother are paid weekly for survival. This mean the government has more funds to develop and maintain sustainability to run the nation.

I hope you can understand the difference between price increases and reduce subsidiary.

Now come back to the topic of reducing the fuel subsidiary matter. At the time I wrote this explanation, the Petrol price was RM2.55 per litre without subsidiary and after subsidiary reduced the new subsidiary price will be RM0.35 per litre which government will bear. Now let’s talk about Pakatan Rakyat Leader who told, the price of fuel will be reduced to RM1.70 per litre if they take over Putrajaya. If it happens then the PR government have to pay RM0.85 per litre. Current Government is spending billions of ringgit for the fuel subsidiary. If PR takes over and the fuel price reduced by increasing the subsidiary which will result 41% increase in subsidiary which will cause 41% increase in already billion dollar subsidiary payout. What are the impacts of paying high subsidiary? The explanation is given if you read further down.

During 1998 recession, Malaysia have borrowed large sum of money from the World Bank to sustain the country during the recession period. This is done during Tun Dr. Mahathir’s time which means the current Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was the Deputy Prime Minister and also the Finance Minister. In order to achieve high income nation, there are many areas which need to be developed, such as human capital, efficient infrastructure and proper transportation system, road system and many more. When we have the right resources and policies, more FDI (Foreign Direct Investments) can be attracted to our Country which increase the cash flow movement in the country and creates more opportunity for the people in terms of job and business opportunity which is key to the high income nation. We cannot be developing all the said things by having debts with World Bank. This will always have high risk of having outsiders having influence over our country. The only way to reduce the risk is by minimizing the debts and at the same time we must continuously develop all the necessary for high income nation. Looking into that, we need to manage the available resources to achieve the country’s vision 2020. That is the reason the subsidiary are being reduced in stages. When you understand this, you will be asking my salary is not increased but the living cost is increasing tremendously. We always blame the government for the living cost increase but are we blaming the right people are for the price increase are we doing the right thing? The traders are making use of these subsidiary reductions as a reason to increase their price. The suppliers are making use of this situation to increase their margin when their allowed to increase minimum percentage. Example, when fuel subsidiary reduced they are allow to increase RM0.10 to RM0.20 but they will use the situation to increase RM0.50 and above. Some of the traders are given subsidiary but yet they will still increase the price for their profitability. Now I am sure you will complain the government should have the price guideline and strict enforcement. For your info the government has strict guideline and there are department for price control. Many people fail to utilise the department.  People can just call their helpline number and make complains. The officers will come with non official uniform and do the investigation. The trader will be fined if they are found guilty. If repeated they can be brought infront of law for more severe punishment. We normally will not call and make a report because either we do not know there is such department or we think it is no use. Own perception and influence of opposition will not make us do it. If someone makes the report and after several days they see the price still remain, they will just say useless reporting to them because they won’t take action. This is where we forget our basic rights and we are too lazy to follow up. If we put some effort, the traders will not be set free to increase as they like. When we do not utilise certain rights effectively we will suffer. We always point finger to others but we fail to understand and practise our rights properly.

As I said the MNC companies are paying very good and sustainable salaries to our people. Those who have the right qualification and skills are employed and being paid well enough. These people are still buying foreign brand cars, go to expensive coffee outlets and goes to expensive restaurant but yet they will join hands to complaint with the others. The real effected group is those who are working in average local companies. Their pay is below the market rate. These are the people who are really affected with the increase of prices. The government have increase the minimum wages and enforce it as law. This figure is not a figure picked from the sky and made it as law but it was studied in detail and faced many problems before implementing the figures as compulsory figure to follow. Government cannot set wages range as enforcement even though they have the salary scale because there are various industries which have different percentage of profit which determine the salary of the industry.  That is the reason the Government is giving out BR1M to these group and not the highly paid salary group. The subsidiary which is reduced are compensate to these target group and if you calculate on the lost of subsidiary in your personal expenses and the amount given, it will sum up equally or show more and Government is putting the effort to give more payout to these target group and also the poor rural people. Government have created more platforms and spending money for the programs for these groups to enhance their education level and skills to match the high income group so these group will be pushed to the high income group and Government create more facilities for the existing entrepreneurs to enhance their business and Government encouraging many entrepreneurs development program to create more entrepreneurs in our Country.  This are way to push for high income nation and our government are managing these within the available resources. If we take the concept of Pakatan Rakyat Leader, we have to use huge sum of amount to pay the subsidiary and to maintain our infrastructure which will lead to borrow more money from the World Bank or to other foreign resources which will result more disastrous position. In simple way if you borrow more money and you are unable to return then you will be soon control by the borrower. I believe normal layman can understand these concepts well. More over Pakatan Rakyat government brags they have the money which previous state government did not have but they fail to maintain even basic infrastructure. Example in Selangor many roads have pot holes, rubbish collection are not done well which made more illness to the people and the list goes on. What is the point of having money in the reserves but not utilise for the people. Government have more money but people have to spend unwanted course directly such as maintaining their vehicle and spend money for illness as a result of not providing and maintaining basic resources. In long run it will be even worse.  This is equivalent inefficiency.

The previous country leader has given more facilities to sustain their position in the government, made many millionaires within them and the list goes on but the current Leader is committed to build this nation to High income nation. Nothing comes easy without any struggle. Let me give you an example, if a company has decided to enhance their business, they first will draw out their plans, improve and increase human resource and do capacity building, ensure all the resources needed are available and then execute the plan. During this period, many facilities to the shareholders will not be given or will be limited and even at times the dividend will not be paid to the shareholders. The shareholders will accept the struggle and continuously support the transformation plan.  Country is also the same. The management are the Prime Minister and his team and we people are the shareholder.  We as shareholder have to accept the challenges and struggle and continuously improve to support the country’s transformation. The current Prime Minister has his plan drawn perfectly. He is managing crisis well. Infact during the Euro crisis, Malaysia are not affected because of the plan. Many experts all over the world have praise his plan and work. His Nation Blue Wave Strategy is appreciated by many.  Only we Malaysian and other pro opposition foreign experts and institution is criticising. Ofcourse there are some useless Ministers in his team which he need to chop off to have better efficient execution team for his plan.

There also will be question of corruption. Yes agree that corruption is the killer virus of the country and Malaysia are affected of this virus. Lets look at the AG’s report recently. He mentioned “there are still misuse of fund can be seen”. This sentence can be meant in many ways but the most popular was to mean it with the Pakatan Rakyat way. The real meaning of it is after so much effort, corruption still can be found. Which means it is sign of reducing. The government is putting a lot of effort to fight against corruption. It can be reduced but cannot be eliminated. Even corruption still available in PR Government even they brag so much of their transparency. Corruption is happening everywhere including in private sectors and the sad part is those who are fighting against corruption in the public are doing corruption in their private working life. PR have always labelled BN Government is not transparent. If they are not transparent why they made AG report public? It has happen before? BN is brave enough to accept the mistake and continuously improve the transparency rather than PR publically advertising their transparency but still awarding direct contracts to the contractors. Well this topic needs to go in detail and I will explain my point in this matter some other time.

We Malaysian are very easily influenced by anyone. We forget to put the effort to know the real fact and make a decision. Many are making campaign against the government for not being equal to the minority group which I agree in some and disagree in some. This is the country who gave freedom to practise our own religion. Malaysia has more temples outside of India. We have more non-muslim multimillionaires in this country. There are many issues which we need to fight for equality such as education, contract matters, corruption and etc which is essential to remind the Country Top Leader that the People (Shareholders) are very concern.

Stop complaining and work hard towards to improve yourself which directly will contribute to the growth of the nation. Successful people do not complain. They work hard and find ways to be at the top. We have to come out from the comfort zone and work hard to achieve the vision.

If we do not change our self, no matter who comes to govern us, we will not be successful.


Friday, September 12, 2014

NAAM & Gangsterism

Following are what is running through my mind. Opinions are mine .

In 2013, Malaysian authorities disclosed that ethnic Indians made up 71% of the 40,313 gangsters in Malaysia has divided the community, with some complaining about racial profiling but others acknowledging the sad fact.

There are some 2 million Indians in Malaysia, a relatively small minority, so the revelation by the Home Ministry last year of their over-representation in gangsterism has sparked anger and fear in a section of the Indian community worried about racial profiling.

How do we curb gangsterism ?

There are three ways .

1. To engage the misguided youth by bringing them to better path.
2. Arrest them ( how many can we arrest?)
3. Shoot them (for authority)

What is the best way in your opinion? to arrest and kill each and every misguided youth? Then we will have some clowns in gowns who will be coming in solidarity to claim justice for the gone.

Remember , gangsterism is not an act of an individual but involve a huge link of youth across the nation. Many factors drives them to this act , mainly poverty. 

“I used to run drugs. A man would bring a slab of heroin from Penang. It was like a brick. On the train, he would leave the slab away from where he sat. I would then pick it up and take it to Johor — by car, by bus, even by motorcyle — through all the small towns. That was more than 10 years ago. I was paid RM15,000 for every trip.”
                          Extracted from The Star Online "Exclusive: Poverty driving them to gangsterism" , September 6 , 2013

On the other note , NAAM an NGO established by MIC Vice-President and Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Datuk M Saravanan in late 2013 to assist Indian youths through entrepreneurship, business financing and human capital development. This movement receives fund from Ministry of Sports and Youth which has objective of producing 100,000 Indian entrepreneurs in next 5 years.

For the past few days ,my Facebook timeline was filled with death news of one of the notorious gangster , M.Sasitharen , 32 who was gunned down in Johore . As many of us would be aware , late Sasi a.k.a Ulu Tiram Sasi is Johor wing of New Affirmative Action Movement (NAAM) head. 

Sasi was also president of another NGO called “Persatuan Pembangunan Putra Wawasan” - which is an organisation to help people with regards to education, job opportunities and welfare.

I was told that Datuk Saravanan has taken few initiatives to engage youth who involves in notorious activities and gives them a chance / platform to build themselves financially legally as well as to serve the community via NAAM . Isnt it a good effort ? Dont you think everybody deserve a second chance?
 This noble effort from Datuk Saravanan is not only targeting the determined youth who are willing to accept the challenge of global demand in agriculture but also young delinquents who involve themselves in gangsterism.

How long are we going to distance ourself from the youth who needs proper guidance and attention ? They need to be engaged and inclusive effort needed to keep them in the mainstream of development. The more we ignore them, the worst they become.

I applaud the effort by NAAM. INCLUSIVENESS is vital . 


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How Multiracial Is DAP ?

The topic that will be discussed here is ' how multiracial is DAP ?' I am not keen to talk on what DAP has done , what DAP is doing or how good DAP compare to BN components or how DAP have been managing Penang. I am pretty much sure there will be a little diversion in the topic discussed so I would like to discuss only about DAP's multiracial status. ONLY!

Hypothesis : DAP is not multiracial  

I have decided to pick this topic as my subject after watching this video which is going viral these few days. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Tamil Schools and Idiots around.

Just to clear something up when I say "idiots" I don't mean people who are less knowledgeable than me about a certain topic. I mean people who are wilfully ignorant, intolerant, or unreasonable to the point of frustration

I received a Whatsapp message from a friends of mine who shared a link of blog post regarding issues in Tamil schools.

*clicked the link*
*read till end*
*facepalm-ed myself*
Looking at the imbecile of the blogger , I said to myself...

Really? That is the sperm that won?

Thursday, August 7, 2014

PROOF : RM540 million for Indian Community. A slap on Waytha Moorthy face!

A loser who ran away to London then came back to become a Deputy Minister in Prime Minister's office. He then resigned due to his own failures but now trying to be hero blaming back the government. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Satu FAKTA mengenai Ustaz Alagappas Shahul Hamid yang anda harus tahu!

Dasar Islam dgn jelas melarang umatnya mencerca agama lain. Surah Al-An'aam (6): ayat 108. (sumber)

 "Nabi muhammad SAW melarang sahabat baginda dari menghina Islam/Allah. Para sahabat bertanya mana mungkin kami mencerca Islam/Allah. Baginda membalas, apabila kamu menghina agama/kepercayaan org lain seumpama kamu menghina agama/kepercayaan kamu sendiri"

 Bertentangan dengan apa yang dilarang Nabi Muhammad SAW , ini pula Ustaz longkang yang mengelar dirinya pencetus ummah :

Ini yang akan berlaku bila seseorang INDIVIDU mula berlagak lebih dari Nabi dan mendakwah dengan mengutuk kepercayaan individu/komuniti yang lain.

FAKTA : Ustaz Alagappas ini pernah terlibat dalam kemalangan ngeri pada tahun 2009. Mungkin ada kecederaan dalaman yang telah menyebabkan sel-sel otak beliau tersilap hubung dengan lutut. (Sumber) .

Pemuda MIC  akan menganjurkan satu demonstrasi aman damai akan diadakan di Dataran Brickfields (hadapan fountain) jam 1.00 Petang esok Rabu, 30 Julai 2014. Tunjuk perasaan ini akan diadakan untuk menyatakan rasa tidak puas hati masyarakat Hindu terhadap kenyataan Pendakwah Bebas, Ustaz Shahrul Hamid yang menghina agama Hindu. Selepas demonstrasi, laporan polis akan dibuat beramai ramai di Balai polis Jalan travers pada pukul 3.30 petang.


Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara,


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

EKSKLUSIF : Mendiang Karpal Singh Patut Diberi Penghormatan Negara , Gelaran Tun. Kenapa?

Terlebih dahulu saya ingin mengucapkan takziah kepada keluarga Mendiang Karpal Singh diatas kehilangan orang yang tersayang. Semoga anda semua tabah menghadapi ujian yang getir ini.

Penghormatan negeri atau negara kebiasaannya diberi kepada mana-mana pemimpin utama atau bekas pemimpin utama negeri atau negara yang banyak berjasa dan menyumbang kepada negeri dan negara.

Dalam kes Karpal diberi penghormatan negeri ada kawan-kawan atau pihak-pihak lain yang mempertikaikan sumbangan atau jasa Karpal.  Mereka bertanya apa jasa dan apa sumbangan Karpal ?

Dalam hidup ini kita kena berpaksikan kepada realiti. Walaupun kita berbeza aliran atau anutan politik dan agama dengan Karpal tetapi kita kena akui atau menerima hakikat sumbangan besar beliau kepada negara. Saya sebut NEGARA.

Mendiang Karpal Singh sepatutnya diberi penghormatan negara. Bukannya penghormatan negeri. Penghormatan negara itu jauh lebih besar. Saya tidak tahu mengapa Kerajaan Pusat pimpinan Datuk Najib tidak mengarahkan penghormatan negara diberikan untuk upacara pengkebumian Karpal.

Jasa dan sumbangan Karpal kepada negara cukup besar. Kerana Karpal kita  dapat hidup dengan selesa di bumi Malaysia hari ini. Jika tidak mungkin sudah lama negara kita dilanda musibah atau bencana besar..

Karpal telah menjadi penghalang kepada seorang pengamal homoseksual daripada menjadi pemimpin utama negara kita. Jika tidak kerana pendedahan dan asakan daripada Karpal tahun 1997 sudah tentulah pengamal homoseksual berkenaan yang telah dinamakan oleh Tun Dr M sebagai penggantinya akan menjadi pemerintah kita selepas Tun bersara. Dah hampir pun ketika itu. Nasib baik Karpal yang menjadi penghalang. 

Sebab itu juga saya kata kita kena akui jasa besar Karpal Singh kepada negara kita dan beliau sepatutnya layak diberi penghormatan negara. 

Saya tidak bercakap benda bohong….saya tidak mengutip khabar angin kemudian dimasukkan ke dalam blog. Saya juga tidak mendengar cerita orang yang tidak tahu kesahihannya kemudian dimasukkan ke dalam blog. Saya bercakap atau menulis benda yang berdasarkan fakta. 

Sekarang mari saya tunjukkan fakta-faktanya kepada anda…

 Sebelum Karpal Singh membangkitkan isu moral Anwar Ibrahim di dalam Dewan Rakyat, terlebih dahulu sebelum itu Tun Dr M selaku PM telah dimaklumkan tentang salah laku moral Anwar Ibrahim oleh pelbagai pihak. Termasuklah oleh Tun Hanif Omar selaku Ketua Polis Negara ketika itu. Namun semuanya Tun ketepikan…kerana baginya itu semua adalah mainan politik kotor orang yang dengki kepada Anwar. Tun tetap mempercayai Anwar dan memilih beliau sebagai penggantinya. Sehingga satu masa Anwar diberi memangku jawatan PM sewaktu Tun keluar negara. 

Sehinggalah Tun menerima surat akaun bersumpah daripada mangsa liwat dan kemudiannya dibangkit secara serius oleh Karpal Singh dalam Dewan Rakyat sebanyak dua kali, iaitu pada bulan Oktober dan Disember 1997. Barulah Tun membuka mata dan mengarahkan satu pasukan khas polis ditubuhkan untuk menyiasat perkara tersebut. Sebabnya Karpal membangkitkan perkara itu secara serius dalam Parlimen dan mengasak Anwar bertalu-talu. 

Segala apa yang berlaku dalam Parlimen dicatatkan dan ianya dinamakan Penyata Rasmi Parlimen (hansard) . Dalam hansard semua benda akan tercatat hatta ketawa atau pun kecoh. Hansard Parlimen tidak menipu dan tidak boleh ditipu. Sekarang jom kita lihat bukti apa yang dibangkitkan oleh Karpal sehingga ianya menjadi penghalang Anwar dipilih sebagai PM oleh Tun Dr M. Dan juga ianya menjadi punca Anwar dipecat daripada kabinet dan Umno, ditangkap , didakwa dan dipenjara. 

Kalau ada sesiapa kata saya tipu, anda boleh cari sendiri di laman web Parlimen Malaysia (klik disini) , atau pergi sendiri ke Arkib Parlimen di Bangunan Parlimen Malaysia. Manalah tahu ada yang kata ini superimpose atau kertas tak boleh jadi bukti. 

Kali pertama Karpal membangkitkan perkara ini adalah pada 22 Oktober 1997. Teliti, baca dan fahami betul-betul. Kemudian fikir-fikirkan. Klik pada imej untuk membaca dengan jelas.

Penyata Rasmi Parlimen (Hansard) untuk Sidang Dewan Rakyat bertarikh 18 Disember 1997

Jeng…jeng…jeng…lihat anak panah merah. Asakan Karpal yang lebih keras terhadap Permatang Pauh mula mengambil 

Anak panah merah: Itulah ayat 'pembunuh' yang menjadi penghalang cita-cita Anwar untuk menjadi PM. Dalam Parlimen beb. Akuan bersumpah pula tu.  Bukannya surat layang yang kita terima kemudian diminta fotokopi 10 keping dan edar. Siapa yang dapat  lagi , fotokopi pula 10 keping dan edar. Karpal siap nak panggil Azizan (mangsa liwat) ke Dewan Rakyat lagi.


Hebat orang-orang Anwar ganggu Karpal dan panggil Karpal benggali lagi dalam Parlimen. Hari ini Anwar kata anak cina anak dia, anak india anak dia, anak iban pun anak dia. Mana suara dia waktu Karpal dipanggil benggali oleh orang-orang 

Memang layaklah Karpal digelar Harimau Jelutong. Dia memang berani. Dia gasak TPM pasal salah laku moral rapat ke dinding walaupun diganggu dengan hebat oleh penyokong-penyokong Anwar yang cuba menghalang Karpal terus mengasak.

Berdasarkan semua fakta inilah saya katakan Mendiang Karpal Singh patut diberi penghormatan negara. Jasanya cukup besar kepada negara. Pendedahannya membuatkan Tun Dr M membuka mata dan seterusnya mengarahkan polis menyiasat. Jika tidak kita tidak tahu apa nasib negara kita sekarang. 

Sayang semuanya telah terlambat. Mendiang Karpal telah disemadikan semalam tanpa mendapat penghormatan negara. Hanya sekadar penghormatan negeri. Namun begitu kerajaan pimpinan Datuk Seri Najib masih ada peluang jika ingin menghargai jasa Karpal Singh. Saya mencadangkan agar kerajaan dapat mengusulkan kepada Istana Negara supaya Mendiang Karpal Singh diberi gelaran Tun.


Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara ,


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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

FULL LIST : National Scholarship for 30 Non-Malays , Proved Pakatan is LYING!

Woke up to a beautiful morning, I was hoping for a good day.

Then I saw this :

Well, I am not surprised to see Elangovan from MEITA , a so called neutral NGO led by Pro-opposition supporter Datuk Haji Tasleem who day and night attacks the government.

But to my surprise , is that true these Indian students did not get it?

SPM 2014
A total of 11,892 candidates obtained the Grade A in all the subjects they sat for in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination last year, an increase of 244 candidates, it was announced today.
Education Ministry’s director-general Datuk Dr Khair Mohamad Yusof said the overall SPM achievement for 2013 improved from the year before, with the National Average Grade of 4.93 compared to 5.08 in 2012.
"There are 405 candidates who obtained the A+ highest grade in all the subjects, out of which, 366 of the candidates were from national secondary schools and 39 from other schools,” he told reporters at a press conference when announcing the analysis of the results here.
A total of 470,395 candidates sat for the examination last year.
Khair said that based on the National Average Grade (GPN), the 2013 SPM results are the best in five years.
Source :

Facts : 11,892 students scored all As. 405 students scored all A+ 

How National Scholarship candidates selected?

JPA offered 50 national scholarships for 50 students who obtained all A+ in exam. Which means 50 top students (based on merit) out of 405 students will be awarded this scholarship.

Note : Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia is the one who will pass top 50 students list to JPA. 

Who are the 50  national scholarship recipients?


30 Non-Malays Recipients

5 Indians and 25 chinese students received this scholarship despite the fact that this selection are based on MERIT.. yeah MERIT.. freaking MERIT!!

Facts : 10% of the scholarship receivers are Indians , 50 % are Chinese and 40% are Malays. 

::update:: 2.30pm 1/4/2014

The balance 335 students are automatically qualified for BURSARY scholarship under JPA. They need to update here..


Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara,


Sunday, March 9, 2014

BREAKING : Is this the #MH370 that we are looking for?

Found on Google Map. Go to Google Map and type  8.695133,
106.590416 . Make sure you switch your Google Map to Earth mode. This is what you will find.

This image taken from Google Map. In an island ,southern Vietnam. Can it be MH370 that we all are looking for? Please share this article and get the relevant authority to check on this. I am not sure about this but can it be just a coincident?

::update 3.10am ::

Was informed by a friend that  is just a coincident since Google Maps doesn't update their map daily. Just one of the plane was there when the satellite took image.
::update 3.43am ::
The image believe to be old. Captured 3 years ago. It was just another coincident. Lets continue to pray for MH370


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

'BR1Mless' - Laporan Palsu Hina Taraf Hidup Kaum India di Malaysia

Tindakan sebuah portal berita menyiarkan satu artikel berkenaan kisah sebuah keluarga kononnya warganegara Malaysia yang kesempitan hidup dilihat sebagai satu laporan palsu.

Malah,artikel bertajuk 'Br1MLess' yang disiarkan di portal berita Rakyat Times pada 24 Februari  ini dilihat sebagai satu percubaan untuk memperlekehkan masyarakat India di Malaysia.

Menerusi tinjauan di lokasi kejadian, ianya terbukti bahawa keluarga ini bukan merupakan warganegara Malaysia akan tetapi menetap di Sri Lanka.

Laporan portal pro pembangkang ini juga mendakwa terdapat sebuah keluarga yang tinggal di kawasan setinggan sekitar Jalan Air Panas dekat Setapak terpinggir dari menikmati kemudahan itu berikutan tiada kad pengenalan diri yang sah. [LIHAT ARTIKEL DI SINI]


Friday, February 21, 2014

BONGKAR! Cerita Waytha : Berapa Kos UbahSuai Pejabat Senator Waytha ? - Part 3

Jika anda belum membaca Part 1 dan Part 2 , klik disini dan sini 

Penafian :Gambar -gambar dalam artikel ini diambil pada beberapa bulan dahulu mungkin berbeza dengan keadaan terkini pejabat tersebut. Gambar-gambar ini adalah tulen yang dirakam menggunakan telefon bimbit.


Apabila penulis mencecah kaki masuk ke pejabat Tuan Senator Waythamoorthi selepas beliau mengambil sumpah ini yang penulis nampak. Penulis pernah bekerja di pejabat yang sama dari 19 July 2012 hingga 6 Mei 2013. 

Kerusi baru , carpet baru , cat dindinh baru , meja baru , TV LED baru dan lain-lain pengubahsuaian telah dibuat.


Cerita Waytha : Tan Sri Yackop dipermainkan – Part 2

Sambungan dari Part 1 (klik disini )

Sepertimana dalam perjanjian MOU antara Hindraf, Perdana Menteri Dato Seri Najib Razak telah bersetuju untuk menubuhkan satu jawatankuasa khas yang dipanggil “Expert Steering Committee” dimana jawatan kuasa ini akan mempunyai 5 orang ahli yang terdiri daripada seorang pengerusi yang akan dilantik oleh Perdana Menteri dan dipersetujui oleh HINDRAF termasuk 2 wakil dari Barisan Nasional dan 2 Wakil dari Hindraf. Perdana Menteri mencadangkan agar seorang Menteri Kabinet India dijadikan sebagai Pengerusi bagi “Expert Steering Commitee” namun Waytha Moorthy menolak perlantikan mana – mana ahli politik dalam jawatankuasa tersebut.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cerita RM372.5 Juta Waytha Moorthy – Part 1

Pada Jun 2013 sebelum Expert Steering Committee ditubuhkan, Waytha Moorthy meminta Perdana Menteri untuk menubuhkan satu Unit yang diberi nama “Indian Community Advancement Unit” dibawah Jabatan Perdana Menteri dimana Senator Waytha Moorthy akan mengetuainya.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Papadom Minyak Biawak dan Tosai Tuak

FAKTA : Papadom dan Tosai adalah 100% makanan sayur-sayuran

Papadom dan tosai bukan lagi asing di Malaysia bagi masyarakat berbilang kaum. Saya pasti ramai diantara kita pernah menjamu thosai dan jamuan makan tengahari tidak akan lengkap tanpa papadom , bukan?

Friday, January 24, 2014

Tumbuk Menteri : Ahli UMNO dipenjara ? @PDRMsia @UMNOnline

Kertas siasatan berhubung insiden seorang ahli Pemuda Umno Hulu Selangor yang didakwa menumbuk Timbalan Menteri Pendidikan II, P. Kamalanathan sudah diserahkan kepada Jabatan Peguam Negara.
(sumber klik disini ) - 17 Januari 2014

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hina Agama : @PDRMsia tidak boleh bersikap double standard

Ingat lagi pasangan kontroversi Alvivi -Alvin dan Vivian yang memuatknaik gambar (di bawah) yang menghina agama Islam?

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Baca dan Sebarkan! Kisah sebenar SJK(T) Seaport Yang Anda Patut Tahu! @Pkamalanathan

Maklumat dalam artikel ini diperolehi dari Pejabat Timbalan Menteri Pendidikan II  , YB Tuan P.Kamalanathan. Penulis ingin mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada YB Timb Menteri atas tindakan pantas memberi penjelasan walaupun kini berada di luar negara.

Penafian : Artikel ini mengandungi kebenaran dan kesahihan yang teramat. Jika anda seorang pencacai pembangkang, penulis sarankan agar tidak membaca artikel ini. Kemungkinan besar ia boleh menggangu sistem percernaan anda. Harap maklum.

Sehari dua yang lepas SJK(T) Seaport mendapat liputi yang luas selepas portal Malaysiakini melaporkan berita seperti diatas.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

PISA 2012 - Does it really matter ?

Please take note that these are compilation of few articles derived from various Malaysian dailies together with my points on the subject.

Wrong to compare results

The curriculum in Malaysia and the other countries are not the same. For example , the Year Six students in Singapore are studying Mathematics which is at the level of that being undertaken by oue Malaysian students whi are in either Form 2 or 3. So you can see the vast difference between these two countries that took part. We cannot say that Malaysians are less intelligent?

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

#GST sudah dilaksanakan? BN menipu?

Sebelum memberi ulasan , saya ingin kongsi akan apa yang mungkin akan terjadi jika gambar ini dimuatnaik oleh penyokong buta pembangkang? 

(i) Najib akan dipersalahkan kononnya GST sudah dilaksanakan.

(ii) Kerajaan BN akan dituduh menipu Rakyat.

(iii) Akan ada segelintir puak yang berpendidikan cuba memberontak tanpa menggunakan akal fikiran dengan mempercayai helah sebegini.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

FAQ on Toll Rate Hike

Speculated that it will be effective from next month.

 Yes,for those in Selangor. Dont complain if you are not staying in this state.


but  Rates increase yet to be finalised says minister (click) 

Didnt you voted for PR in Selangor?

Yes. Because they dont have toll there =P

Use public transport like me? Or change your state. Go to Penang. Everything is cheap there. Or change your country? =P

In a way, state government also benefited from this hike as they hold 30 % of all highway shares

Nope. The hike will surely take place as it is part of the agreement that was made earlier. PR probably will blame the previous government and continue with the hike by saying nothing much they can do as its the agreement signed by BN. We have seen similar thing in many issues before this. Try to recall.

Yes. Its too quick. Its coming one after another. Government should have hold it first for next year as we just witnessed few hikes this year.
MPs urge Govt to postpone toll hike(click) 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Mesti Baca ! Janji KoayTeow @cmlimguaneng

Terkilan penulis baca artikel MalaysiaKini (klik disini) yang melaporkan kenyataan Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang memberi jaminan bahawa kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat akan menyelesaikan masalah banjir di Pahang sekiranya diberi mandaat memerintah negeri Pahang.

Biar betul Guan Eng ni? Boleh selesaikan eh?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

SEBARKAN! Chegita Kedai Kopi oleh @yuktesvijay

Anda di jemput hadir ke
CHERITA KEDAI KOPI Episod: Pilihanraya Tarikh: 16 November Waktu: 7.30 Malam Tempat: Chorus Hotel KL Bayaran: PERCUMA
Bicara oleh : Yuktes Vijay ( Bekas Pegawai Sulit Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim)
Semua di jemput hadir ayah,ibu adik adik, abang abang, kakak kakak dan tak lupa SKANDAL SKANDAL.
"Cerita kedai kopi yang tiada hakim dan tiada saksi cerita sensasi di KEDAI KOPI ASAL BOLEH MASUK TV MESTI DIA BUAT"

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cadangan : Menu Alternatif 'Minuman Tanpa Gula' @kvssubra @MYConsumer @najibrazak

Kerajaan telah umumkan pemotongan subsidi atau dengan nama lain 'zero subsidi' untuk gula Jumaat lepas dalam Bajet 2014 yang berkuatkuasa serta-merta.

perbualan di 'Car Wash' 
Pengguna  : Bro, berapa caj cuci keta kat sini?
Pekerja : RM5.50 bro.
Pengguna  : Aik, minggu lepas RM5.00 je?
Pekerja : Ala bro, harga gula dah naik bro,nak buat macam mana?

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Larangan Sembelih Lembu di Sekolah , Blogger Pro-BN Cepat Melatah ..

Kurangkan gula. Gula boleh membawa kepada kencing manis. Kencing manis akan menyebabkan tekanan darah tinggi dan membuatkan kita cepat melatah.

Terlebih dahulu penulis ingin menegaskan disini bahawa isu 'korban' di sekolah ini sepatutnya tidak menjadi satu isu. Penulis mula bersekolah pada 1994 dan sehingga habis tingkatan 5 , setiap tahun majlis korban diadakan di sekolah. Tidak pernah sekali pun ini menjadi satu isu.

Pelajar India diberi ruang untuk mengambil cuti. Kepada yang tidak mahu, mereka boleh buat pengajian sendiri di bilik darjah. Jadi kenapa sekarang ini menjadi satu isu? Penulis tidak pasti.

Ulasan YB Timb Menteri

Isu ini semakin hebat diperdebatkan di laman Facebook kononnya YB Kamalanathan tidak menghormati hak orang Islam?Betul ke YB Kamal tidak menghormati hak orang Islam atau ada orang yang cepat melatah selepas membaca artikel surat khabar?

Perkara yang anda perlu tahu :

i) Pihak Kementerian telah menghubungi PPD untuk mendapatkan pengesahan akan isu ini .
ii) Ini jawapan JPN kepada soalan Kementerian
   a) Korban di dalam kawasan sekolah tidak dibenarkan dan PPD tidak pernah memberi kebenaran          untuk mana-mana sekolah untuk berbuat begitu.
   b) Sekolah digalakkan untuk mengadakan upacara korban di surau yang berdekatan

Berikut adalah jawapan lisan dari PPD yang dijawab oleh seorang MUSLIM. 

Apakah larangan ini dibuat oleh Timb Menteri atau PPD? 

Takkan nak salahkan Timb Menteri yang hanya menjadi tukang sampaikan mesej? Hahaha...

Saya syorkan kepada yang tidak berpuas hati , sila berdemo dihadapan PPD masing-masing.

::update:: 27.10.2013 12.20pm

YB Kamalanathan baru sahaja mengesahkan bahawa beliau akan menghubungi pihak media tersebut dan akan ambil tindakan undang-undang.

Jawapan dari pihak PPD akan didedahkan oleh blogger pada 8pm nanti 

"Kurangkan gula dalam makanan , tambahkan gula dalam senyuman"