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Sunday, July 31, 2011

DAP name road after Indians ,but website NO Tamil..

Three new road names have been approved by the Penang government.

 But my question is. why DAP Malaysia official website has no Tamil version? Dont you think DAP should do this first if they really giving importance to Indians?

So it does prove what Political Secretary of YB Kula said yesterday is true :



Saturday, July 30, 2011

LimKitSiang tak hirau kaum India??

SU Politik  YB Kula Segaran yang baru baru ini dibongkarkan isunya (klik disini)  kini menyatakan secara terbuka akan racism yang dipraktikkan dalam DAP! Malah tiada apa yang perlu diherankan, kerana jikalau pembaca cuba menkaji bilangan orang India dalam DAP Malaysia, jangan terkejut untuk tahu bahawa angkanya adalah KOSONG!!! Sah DAP tidak memperjuangan hak orang India!

Menurut sumber yang boleh dipercayai..Sugumaran akan diambil tindakan disiplin oleh DAP akan tindakannya untuk bersuara menentang rasis DAP.. dimana kebebasan bersuara DAP?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The untold story of a DAP Indian!!

Mr. Kalaicelvan today shared in TwitterJaya an untold story of DAP so called Indian Leader(s). Below are the tweets 
from him revealing the true story which involves him and few others. See how own party sold for own political millage!!

11.05am : A few months back I received a DM from a very "influential" leader in DAP saying that we should meet up fo the betterment of the Indians....

11.07am : Naturally if for the betterment of the Indian community at large , I would be more than Interested ... So I agreed!!!

11.13am : We decided to meet up in KL as it would be easier for a person who travelled from another state laa!!

11.16am :  I went with a bro of mine and his friend as this could be a serious merger for Infisns to work as One.. Shd recall 

11.20am : we discussed a lot of issue effecting Indians basically and he AGREED MIC was doing it's part except that sm are lazy!!

11.24am : Now after several hours he highlighted how DAP NEVER RESPECTS INDIANS AT ALL!! KEYWORD HERE : NEVER RESPECTS

11.28am : Few hours was spent on discussing how Nga Ngeh USED to KILL @mkula in DAP Perak... Right from the start till Kula lost his seat

 11.33am : As an Indian, my resentment for DAP grew when he mentioned hOw the two brothers wanted to 'finish' as he was very sincere!!

11.40 am : Then I was asked if I was willing to help with destroying a traitor in the Perak Indian community viz ...

11.42 am : He kept going on and on about how the 2 Nga and Ngeh controlled the Perak State Assembly by remotely controlling for their needs 

12.00pm : From this a request was made to help to Get Even with BUT I MUST MENTION HERE DOES NOT KNOW ABT THIS!!!

12.03pm : We went on after that by phone, emails and SMS to attack each and every NON Indian DAP leader including LKS,LGE &

12.20pm :  .. he started giving info after info (very detailed) .. If you notice my tweets at that time .. They will have EXACT INFO!! How ? 

12.21pm : From Nga and Ngeh it was they were trying to kill the Tamil edition of their bulletin Rocket... And NO Indian leaders are supporting it... 

12.46pm : As I tweet I hv received more than 6 ppl who he knows and frm the person himself!!! I refuse to answer any calls!! Next : death threat!! 

12.47pm : To the person I'm referring to :?STOP CALLING MIC members and ask them to call me.. I stop at nothing!!! 

1.20pm : If you recall , PR had a big Ceramah in Klang.. Dewan Hamzah a few months back... I was giving detailed minutes of the ceramah... Contd

1.40pm : How was it possible when I was 75 kms away in Rawang emceeing a function?? Minute by minute SMS by this person!! DAP Perak prominent leader!

1.52pm : In the midst of all this on a Friday evening I rcvd a phone call from this fella telling me wants my phone number ...

2.00pm : He also asked me if he shd give a different no... And we gave an anonymous number to record the caller... are you aware ??

2.05pm : He told me that wanted to do some " archanai" EXACT WORD !! ' he then told me to tag DAP leaders!! 

2.15pm : 5 days later the stalker started the death threats that made news nationwide! The leader then ask me to lodge a police report . Cont'd

2.20pm : He says this way under Section 506/507 it was an arrestable crime and will be arrested for this guy will come in as witness !

2.28pm : He gave me details asking to attack Nga and Ngeh, LKS and LgE even ... Even  

2.35pm : He asked me to mention and in the news as this would discredit them because he was the Witness in this case!!

2.38pm : he came to Klang and I being a good host, arranged his stay with his wife in a hotel for the PR ceramah!! Hv the hotel receipt as proof!

2.42pm : He subsequently told me that he was being called by chief of staff to ask in his link with me and reported it to Hq

2.45pm : So he changed his phone no. to avoid being detected and kept communicating on issues until late last month... was his GOD!!

2.48pm : Suddenly in the beginning of July he calls me to Ask me to Stop Hitting as Siva had offered him a Seat in GE 13!!!!

2.49pm : He then Said that he wants to 'finish' 's career in politics as he said he has all the evidence on 's wrongdoings!! Pls RT !!

2.50pm : He then Said that he wants to 'finish' 's career in politics as he said he has all the evidence on 's wrongdoings!! Pls RT !!

2.52pm : He claims sacked hom Because he was More popular than kula and was tipped to take over as is finished

2.53pm : He came to Klang to get a new job that too asks MIC for help as DAP has played him out!! He met me with another friend and asked for help

2.54pm : To get him a house and a job as he CANNOT STAY IN PERAK any longer!!! Why?? This part he has to answer!!

2.55pm : From day ONE his intention was to kill every Indian in DAP for him to get a seat and he went on orchestrating all this including

2.55pm : He says DAP pays Indians lesser than Chinese and is not fit to be a leader.. was supposed to groom him not Satees

2.55pm : So if arrested for a crime he cannot work up the ladder anymore!! He claims his heart is with MIC but can't do much!

 2.55pm : He also asked me to highlight that has an affair with his secretary/ staff .. In a training company or some sort like that

2.58pm :Finally he said he was going to QUIT DAP because no future for Indians in DAP!! You hv to be under Chinese rule and LKS dynasty!!!

3.10pm : The blog on where mentioned about the mutton Varuval Was INITIATED BY him NOT !! he wanted to get at Nga and Ngeh!!! How?

3.12pm : Now he has told the investigating officer in the death threat case that he is a very influential leader in DAPSY...

For more..Check Mr. Kalaicelvan Twitter Timeline.. More shocking revelation..also see


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pakatan guna Adobe Photoshop tipu rakyat! Bukti!!

 Lihat gambar dibambar.. terbukti Pakatan mengunakan taktik kotor kerana terdesak untuk menjatuhkan Kerajaan!! Kesilapan 'Photoshop' yang berjaya ditemui!!

Diatas adalah gambar yang disebarkan melalui Facebook! Lihat penjelasan dibawah!

warna disebelah kiri dan kanan tidak serata dan nama pegawai polis itu terbalik!!!
Kebiasaannya seorang yang baru mendapat pakaian seragam akan memeriksa namanya dahulu.. Ini sah kerja pembangkang yang terdesak untuk memburukan nama polis!!

Sayan ingin mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mengucapkan tahniah kepada pihak Polis yang berjaya mengawal keadaan dengan cara terbaik!! Katakan tidak kepada demo jalanan!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

TERBONGKAR : Taktik terdesak Pakatan rakyat untuk jatuhkan DS Najib !!

Sedang saya membuat 'scrolling' di muka Facebook : 100,000 People Request Najib Tun Razak Resignation
saya terjumpa satu komen/pautan yang menarik perhatian saya.. lihat cetakan skrin dibawah!

Lihatlah salah seorang komentar diatas... adakah beliau seiras dengan yang dibawah?

Gambar saya DIGUNAKAN untuk mereka satu profil baru!! Taktik busuk Pakatan Haram untuk meraih sokong dalam kempen menjatuhkan Datuk Seri Najib...!!

LAKNAT Pakatan!!! Lawan Tetap Lawan!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

What do we face as BARISAN supporters??

Below are three of the hundred print screens that I would like to share with all of you..
I was criticized, cursed,humiliated and abused with profanity by Facebook users who are non other than Pakatan Rakyat supporters..for one reason : I SUPPORT BARISAN NASIONAL!

I have been active in this Cyber world for past 3 years. Never once I have come across any Barisan Nasional supporters using abusive words against others like what I have faced.


 Did you see that?? Well I dont blame them! Malay proverb says " Cikgu Kencing Berdiri,Anak Murid Kencing Berlari"...( I guess all of you know the meaning =) )

I thanks the God for giving me such a great heart which enable me to withstand all these!
I will continue to  defend my stand and  party.. JAI HO!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Wartawan MalaysiaKIni,Susan Loone kena tangkap 'basah'...

Di bawah adalah suasana demonstrasi oleh rakyat Pulau Pinang yang sangat kecewa dengan Lim Guan Eng, KM Pulau Pinang.

Bermula di Masjid Kapitan Keling ke bangunan KOMTAR dan kembali ke Masjid tersebut. Dianggarkan seramai 2,000 rakyat Pulau Pinang telah turut serta.

Yang menghairankan ialah MalayisaKini telah melaporkan satu berita yang tidak benar, malah mengada-adakan cerita! Portal itu melaporkan hanya 300 orang yang datang tetapi sebenarnya hampir 2,000 orang datang.

Malah, laporan yang ditulis oleh wartawan bernamaSusan Loone yang mengatakan 'kumpulan itu juga memecahkan cermin kereta-kereta di sepanjang jalan' merupakan satu fitnah melampau!

Tidak ada kereta yang dirosakkan atau cermin dipecahkan seperti yang dilaporkan oleh wartawan yang tidak bertanggung jawab itu! Pembohong terang-terangan!

Untuk keterangan lanjut BACA SINI.