Tuesday, March 21, 2017

We Should Avoid Reading Malaysia Nanban , Here is the Reason WHY!

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It’s no secret that the millennial generation in Malaysia isn’t reading the Tamil dailies. This massive group of 18-34 year old is notorious for their obsession with technology, and their news consumption habits are no exception.

Despite a strong desire to stay connected with the world and current events, millennials are starting to favor or discard certain mediums. From 2001 to 2013, millennials who relied on the newspaper as their primary source of news nosedived from 36% to 22%. As the generation flocks to the cyberspace for information, printed media are being thrown to the wayside.  So why is it that millennials aren’t pick up the paper anymore?

Quality of Reporting 

One of the main reason for this rejection is due to the quality of news reported in Tamil dailies. Above is an old article extracted from Malaysia Nanban and it says (translated in English) :

"Who pinched Kushboo's hip?".
This is kind of news given second page coverage (half of a page) by a Tamil Daily which has over 50,000 circulation per day?

Poor Journalism 

Biased, unethical and  politically motivated news reporting also another reason why this newspaper often got rubbished by millennials.

This news was published in today's Malaysia Nanban edition ( 21-3-2017) hitting the Deputy Minister of Education and his ministry on the solution promised for SJKT Kalumpang , Hulu Bernam.

Should the Editor and the journalist were to spend their last weekend reading the internet or to refer the office of the Deputy Minister , they would have known that the Deputy Minister has visited the newly built building of SJKT Kalumpang on Friday ( 17-3-2017) .

Malaysia Nanban chose to publish a junk article that is deemed defaming the Deputy Minister despite all the effort being put in getting the school what it needs.

Malaysia Nanban chose to mislead the public with a very unethical way of journalism .

Being the lead Tamil Daily in this country , Malaysia Nanban should be more responsible in reporting news especially when it involves public interest.

Malaysia Nanban should aim to re-occupy the journalistic high ground. And it should remember what its responsibilities to its domestic viewers are.

Are these things too much to hope for?

Anyway , who pinched Kushboo's Hip? It remain a mystery.



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