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How Multiracial Is DAP ?

The topic that will be discussed here is ' how multiracial is DAP ?' I am not keen to talk on what DAP has done , what DAP is doing or how good DAP compare to BN components or how DAP have been managing Penang. I am pretty much sure there will be a little diversion in the topic discussed so I would like to discuss only about DAP's multiracial status. ONLY!

Hypothesis : DAP is not multiracial  

I have decided to pick this topic as my subject after watching this video which is going viral these few days. 

DAP's racism is just a tip of an iceberg

Remember our topic : ' How multiracial is DAP ?' on other word 'Is DAP really a multiracial party?'
Point 1.

Leaders composition

click to enlarge 
Above info graphic is correct up to year 2012. Look at the numbers and think .
How a party with
 ' How multiracial is DAP?'

Point 2
We have seen how DAP's CEC election went on . Who made it to top 20 ? A total of 1,725 votes were cast, with 62 spoilt votes.

1. Liew Chin Tong - 1,438 

2. Lim Kit Siang - 1,436  

3. Karpal Singh - 1,421  

4. Gobind Singh - 1,409  

5. Lim Guan Eng - 1,304  

6. Chong Chieng Jen - 1,294  

7. Anthony Loke Siew Fook - 1,263  

8. Chow Kon Yeow - 1,203  

9. Fong Kui Lun - 1,193  

10. Teng Chang Khim - 1,164  

11. Tony Pua - 1,158 

12. Zairil Khir Johari - 1,132  

13. Teresa Kok - 1,127  

14. Chong Eng - 1,111  

15. M. Kulasegaran - 1,088  

16. Tan Kok Wai - 1,088  

17. Teo Nie Ching - 1,081  

18. Boo Cheng Hau - 961  

19. Nga Kor Ming - 956  

20. Ngeh Koo Ham - 809  

What surprise me is that , how Penang Deputy Chief Minister Prof. Ramasamy lost in his DAP CEC election. How come an 'iconic' Indian leader like him not 'liked' in DAP?

Member of parliament from Perak , V Sivakumar were also defeated even though he garnered more votes than Ramasamy. Other Indian candidates who lost were former Senator S Ramakrishnan, former Teluk Intan MP M Manogaran and former Kota Alam Shah assemblyman M Manoharan.

'How multiracial is DAP' ?

Point 3

The video (on top) clearly shows the dissatisfaction of DAP members from Indian origin who boycotted a DAP meeting (believe to be in Johore) because it was conducted in Mandarin.

This is happening across the country where DAP leaders do not practice what they preach.

Being ' Malaysian first' .

I have shared similar story a years back on how a disgruntled DAP member feels about it (read here)

In fact many Indians in DAP has expressed their frustration over the same issue.

I recalled the article I published last year about An Indian Leader who is worried about Indians being not respected in DAP . Here is the print screen of his tweets.

Read the full story (here)

'How Multiracial is DAP?'

In my humble opinion , DAP is just hiding behind the multiracial banner DOT

Hypothesis : Accepted 



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