Monday, December 14, 2015

REVEALED :You wouldn't want to know what transpired between Kayveas and MIC in 1983

Referring to myPPP President's article on 13th Dec 2015 : Show us the money, Kayveas says of funds for Indians

Tan Sri Kayveas had created a stir after he launched an unpopular attack targeting MIC last weekend.

It has drawn attention of many from Barisan Nasional leadership especially from MIC  and it is seen as nothing other than a cheap publicity stunt. 

Youth Leader , C.Sivarraajh had striked back by labeling Kayveas as an imbecile (read here) while Women Leader , Madam Mohana urge the the myPPP President to divert his scope towards something else for his political survival.

Kayveas in his statement had put it in such way as if MIC has been ignoring the public and their needs.
 “Indian leaders” in BN have a poor track record in channeling aid to the Indian community, choosing only to give it to “selected people”. - Tan Sri Kayveas                                                                             

“Because of the mentality of some of these components, some of them, they think represent the Indians, but they don’t. They represent themselves. And today, they are a failure,” - Tan Sri Kayveas

                                                                              Extracted from: Malay Mail , 13th Dec Sunday

Before attacking MIC and its leadership , may be Kayveas should have  reflected on himself.

Below is the letter sent on 17 April 1983 by Kayveas to MIC President (then) Datuk Seri S.Samy Vellu thanking the latter for the financial assistance given by MIC.

Points to ponder :

  • Kayveas was 29 years old in 1983 . He became the President of PPP in 1993. How he has changed in 10 years! Oh God
  • Kayveas who once was glad that MIC exists now taking jab against MIC ? How ironic.
  • MIC only represent themselves? Then why MIC chose to assist him financially for the sum of almost RM10,000 in 1983? MIC helping 'selected people' as he claimed?

 If its not because of MIC , he probably would not has graduated or be the President of the his own party now.   

Speaks about gratitude.


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