Sunday, July 10, 2011

What do we face as BARISAN supporters??

Below are three of the hundred print screens that I would like to share with all of you..
I was criticized, cursed,humiliated and abused with profanity by Facebook users who are non other than Pakatan Rakyat supporters..for one reason : I SUPPORT BARISAN NASIONAL!

I have been active in this Cyber world for past 3 years. Never once I have come across any Barisan Nasional supporters using abusive words against others like what I have faced.


 Did you see that?? Well I dont blame them! Malay proverb says " Cikgu Kencing Berdiri,Anak Murid Kencing Berlari"...( I guess all of you know the meaning =) )

I thanks the God for giving me such a great heart which enable me to withstand all these!
I will continue to  defend my stand and  party.. JAI HO!


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  1. These 2 uncivilized people do not represent PR as a whole. There are many,many intelligent people who can hold a decent conversation who support PR. why not talk to them ? :)