Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Special Dedication | Bangla come, Bangla Vote, Bangla Go?

Its 12.45am 8 May 2013 , I dedicate this very special post to a friend of mine , Mr.Venoth and the story goes like this.... Are you ready??? *Yessssssss* (people screaming) =P

As usual there are many lies and accusation being spread online saying Bangladeshis are allowed to vote by Barisan Nasional  Bangla Nation Government (just to make them happy) . Mr.Venoth , a good friend , another ordinary 'rakyat' raised his concern to me moment ago.

Before I continue , here are some points to ponder :

i) Have you verified it?
ii) How reliable the source is?
iii) What is your argument?

What is the truth Mr.Venoth is talking about?? Lets go to the page and see our self (click here) :

I may not satisfy you with my explanation , but here are some points for you to think...

Below is the print screen of what you posted on my page.. Look at the bottom left of the print screen. You can find the year of this article . Its 2011 NGOAB which means this article was written in 2011 NOT 2013

Here is how the current page look like (click here to see yourself)

So confirmed its old news?? hahahaha... ok now, next...

What does Dhaka said about above statement?? Read here :

"The Bangladeshi High Commission today denied that an agency with its Prime Minister's office had posted an article on its website saying Malaysia was offering citizenship to Bangladeshi workers, provided they vote for the ruling BN."
"Asked if he had any idea who might have been responsible for posting the article on the NGO Affairs Bureau website, Atiqur said he was unsure.
"Maybe it was done by somebody, some vested corners who intentionally want to cause trouble. 
"I repeat that it is nonsense, and that my government and the High Commission do not know about the article," he said, adding that he was in close contact with the Malaysian Home Ministry over the matter. - picked from the article

So Mr.Venoth?? why spread false news?? Why spread old news?? I dont think I have done a great job rebutting your points.. Yellam pugallum Google'ke (All appraisal to Google) ..

I am very sure as an educated person you can always see things in broader way. There are always two sides of a coin. Please do verify anything without any quick judgement. There are so many lies going on FB...I seriously dont have time to rebut everything... but expect people of my generation to validate any information they get before concluding it by themselves.

Let me tell you about this opposition modus. They play old videos...old statements... just to keep the hatred fire burning in people.. I have seen in Zulkifli Noordin case where video from 2007 uploaded recently (check it out here) after he joins BN. But why only now?? Same goes to the UMNO man from Titiwangsa (check it out here) . Old video uploaded NOW. I am not justifying their mistakes but question raised here is WHY SPREADING OLD NEWS?? I give you the benefits of doubt.

Thats all from me. Cheers.

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