Wednesday, February 27, 2013


So far Pakatan Rakyat had demolished 7 temples since 2008..will this be th 8th? Lets wait and see

This Bukit Gasing historical temple was built by Indian workers who put up the first telecommunications tower on the 523ft high summit of Gasing Hill. It is one of the earliest temples built amidst the high hills overlooking Kuala Lumpur and PJ.

In the early 2000s, it was renovated to become a beautiful temple with many facilities for devotees. It is also the first temple to allocate a special meditation space for devotees, similar to ancient Lord Sivan temple built by Raja Raja Cholan in Tamil Nadu. Even Buddhist devotees and well as foreigners have meditated at Lord Shiva’s kingdom nested at top of the green hill. One can attain greatest peace by just stepping into this temple.

The present Pakatan Rakyat led MBPJ regime, well known for its corrupt practices, is claiming the temple structure is NOT SAFE for devotees. All of sudden, MBPJ is full of care for people who come to the temple.

Let us ask some questions to MBPJ to ascertain their true feeling
towards the Bukit Gasing Sivan Temple and its devotees.  
1)    With the latest technology available in civil engineering, many
high rise buildings all over the world which were originally found
"not safe", were later reinforced to be safe. This ranges from world
famous Leaning Tower of Pisa to high rise buildings in Malaysia such
as Komtar. If high rise
buildings can be reinforced, why can’t a small temple be? If a
40-storey building can be reinforced, why not a small temple? Has MBPJ
even tried? I dont think so.

2)    MBPJ has been claiming the temple structure is not safe from the
day Pakatan Rakyat took over Selangor state government. But Lord
Shivan is still safeguarding the mighty temple. Nothing has happened
to temple in last 5 years.

3)    Landslides have recently occurred around the temple due to
uncontrolled hill side developments approved by the very same MBPJ. Is
the Sivan Temple being turned into a sacrificial lamb for the hill
side developments (which has no doubt  made many of the MBPJ
councillors richer)

4)    Has an independent consulting engineer inspected the temple?

5)    What is the recommendation of the independent Ingénieur?

6)    Did they recommend the destruction of the building at all cost?
IS THERE NOT A SINGLE way to reinforce the structure?

7)    In India, hundred to thousand year old temple structures have
been reinforced and certified safe to hold thousands of devotees.
Did MBPJ consult any temple building experts?

8)    Now we that have proven MBPJ does not care about temples in Malaysia,
let us understand  WHY Pakatan Rakyat governed MBPJ is very much
against Indian temples, specifically Bukit Gasing Sivan Temple.

9)    Is MBPJ trying to vacate the temple to
- safe the temple?
- safe the hill?
- safeguard interest of Chinese bungalow owners surrounding the temple?
- kowtow to Chinese bungalow owners surrounding the temple are against
the temple from day one because of the so called "sound pollution"
from temple prayers. Many Chinese developers are hungry for the high
priced prime land where the temple currently sits.

10)  Will this Sivan temple land face similar
fate as the iCity land which
was previously allocated to Midlands Tamil school? The Tamil school
was chased to an industrial area whereas prime land was sold to a
developer for RM19million. The Tamil school got RM3 million. What
happened to the balance of RM16Million profit still remains as a big
question mark.

It is clearly shown that there are hidden hands behind the temple committee and MBPJ to clear Bukit Gasing of any Hindu Temples. Who is that??? 



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